A Cool Conversation with CamQuotes and Kevin Gates! #CCWCQ

QuotesGates2 Kevin Gates is a very interesting individual. You have no clue what you are in for just by his presentation. What you will find out about Gates is that he is a well versed man of respect that has an extremely big heart. I did my homework on Gates. I seen he was a young person who narrowly escaped 30 years in prison. I seen he’s a young man that had 2 children within 2 weeks of each other by two different women. I also seen he not only takes care of quite a few kids that aren’t biologically his but, he is a reader and seeker of knowledge who has Master’s Degree. Although Gates is having fun and living his life from and Instagram perspective, he is definitely a person who has survived a lot strife and struggle yet remains positive with each day ahead. Gates isn’t a game so a chance to have a serious conversation with him was one I wanted to take, without hesitation. I really hope to do this again when he becomes more prominent in the music business. This is another Cool Conversation with CamQuotes and Kevin Gates.

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