A Cool Conversation With CamQuotes, Ms. E-Klass and Mike Jay! #CCWCQ

MEC Sketch

I always enjoy my “Cool Conversations” because it’s not all about hip-hop. Behind The Rhyme will always be representing hip-hop until the good lord calls me home. In the modified words of O.G.C’s Starang Wonder “I’m BTR Even when I’m by myself”.

Mike Jay is a music maker from Detroit and he has penned a coupled hits you may not expect. After listening to “The Mike Jay EP” My little one, Ms E-Klass and I had quite a few questions. Was Mike able to help me out on some strip club etiquette? What two women does he want to have two at a time? Better yet, who would Ms. E-Klass take down of the female persuasion? I have all the answers in my latest Cool Conversation with Mike Jay!

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