The Catch Up: Who Is Mike Jones?

Who Is Mike Jones (Cover)

April 19, 2005 my eyes were wide shut and I officially admit now. I did not buy “Who Is Mike Jones” when it released. I just listened to the entire album yesterday and man…it was Dope! Still is. I definitely won’t be removing it from my collection. I don’t quite remember if I actually bought 10 albums in 2005 but, I know I should have bought this one then.

I think it was the homey Arie at Champs that told me “People sleep on that Mike Jones. I can’t front his album pretty bumping” all I hit him with was the standard “Oh for real?” I’ll have to check it out” and never did.

I did not sleep on Mike Jones because he was from Houston. After I heard Still Tippin, I was looking for any and every CD with Sim Thug and Paul Wall on it. I didn’t cop Mike Jones album because “Back Then” was so over played it was ridiculous and Mike Jones just couldn’t rap to me. Sorry. 2005 was a year that I opened my mind even more and realized “You don’t have to be a great rapper to make a great album” and no lie…Mike Jones made a Great Album. He was just one of the guys I didn’t take a chance on.

I’ll admit the singles banged! I liked Flossing with Big Moe just because I like to hear a big dude sing super hard and soulful on a track lol [Shout to LV]. Screw Dat made one of my “BACK TO IL” mix CD’s as I was heading back to Chicago from Atlanta. So I’ll admit, Mike Jones was 4 FOR 4 in my eyes and I STILL didn’t buy his album. I feel like I owe dude an apology and a few more bucks.

“Scandalous Hoes”, “5 Years From Now”, “What You Know About…” and “Know What I’m Sayin” all Dope Tracks! So that’s 4 songs with no videos or pushes that makes this album worth listening to.

Yes, you do hear his name and or number on every track. Yes, it does sound like everything you expect from Houston rappers and Yes, you will NOT be impressed by the lyrical ability of Mike Jones on every track……BUT….This album is cool, it’s fun, it rides, you can chill, cook out or just pop the trunk to it and people will stop and listen. Respect to Mike Jones. Dare I say, the game needs you at this current state in music.

I wanted to interview Slim Thug after this video.

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