A Cool Conversation with CamQuotes, Baby Bugsy, K Mitch and Dorrough Music! #CCWCQ

I got a chance to have 3 conversations in one day so it’s only right I hit y’all over the head 3 times in a row with 3 new conversations today. To spare a little suspense…YES! I asked all of them a question about Celebrity Nudes.

First one is with an Akron, Ohio rapper known as Baby Bugsy. He has a new joint out with Yung of Cali Swag District called “I Can’t Change It”.


The second is with Houston by way of Denver emcee K. Mitch. He has a new joint out called Bounce Dat and you will definitely want to hear who he would put in his rap crew if he could put it together himself.


The third conversation is with Dallas Texas own rapper Dorrough Music. Most popularly known for his smash “Ice Cream Paint Job”. He gave me a little more insight on the hip-hop scene that is Dallas, Texas and one of the most valuable lessons he learned in the game so far.

If you haven’t already. Check that new joint featuring Lil Boosie below!

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