Do We Really Appreciate Duck Down Records?

Still 8

One thing I really wanted to check out for myself was the Duck Down BBQ at the A3C Festival in Atlanta. I wanted to see this because I’ve never seen any artist or group of the BCC perform live. I must say that not only was I impressed, it got me thinking do we give Buckshot, Evil Dee and everything they created enough credit?

Some of the beats, rhymes and the movements they created or spearheaded were one of a kind, groundbreaking and yes classic! DJ Evil Dee’s production is never really talked about but if you really run down some of the beats that he’s done…you could make the argument that he pioneered a sound for an era.

Buckshot has an extremely dope flow and cadence. Going back in time and really going through your catalog, you won’t hear “The Duck Down Sound” or something similar until Smiff n Wessun, Heltah Skeltah and O.G.C drop. The first Black Moon single and Album is over 20 years old now…That puts them before Wu-Tang, Bone Thugs and they popped before Mobb Deep, The Dogg Pound and CNN. I may cause some friction but, Method Man sounds like he could be a member of the BCC and may just fit better than he does in Wu-Tang. I don’t consider what Slick Rick was doing the same.

We don’t really talk about the Boot Camp Clicks rich history in the game. I guess the only logical reason is because of record sales. That’s the only thing that’s really missing from their pedigree. I don’t ever remember the “Gold and Platinum” talks when it came to them. However that doesn’t make them any less important or groundbreaking. I’m also not saying they “invented everything” but, Im really trying to think back and even looking at my personal collection and I just don’t see or hear anybody doing it quite like they did it then. Please feel free to comment and give me some game if I’m wrong on that.

As far as I’ve heard and until further notice DJ Evil Dee, Black Moon, Smiff n Wessun, OGC and Heltah Skeltah are pioneers of “Melodic Militant Gun-bussing”. You hear their influence in Pro Era and even the A$AP Mobb to a degree. Perhaps they were the litmus test so other groups with the same type of content and quality could really thrive. I’m not trying to stamp them as the greatest faction of all time but, me seeing them live made me seriously think that maybe they are the most over looked and under appreciated. Salute to Duck Down and The Boot Camp Click! I was kind of upset Starang Wonder wasn’t there. He was actually my favorite member out of the whole camp. I would cop his solo album TODAY if he dropped.

It would have been dope if Mystikal came out and performed with them.

YES: Before No Limit picked him up, Mystikal was a member of the East Coast Based Boot Camp Click and he repped it all over the original “Mind of Mystikal” album.

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