Why I Need A Cool Conversation with Jamal from Illegal #CCWCQ

Still 7

While roaming around Old 4th Ward Park at A3C in Atlanta, I was approached by an emcee and the conversation started like this.

Emcee: “What up man, I’m Jamal from Illegal
Me: Jamal from Illegal!?!? I BOUGHT YOUR FIRST ALBUM! Hey Bang! This Mally G! Jamal from Illegal!

I wasn’t star struck but I was really happy to see dude! LOL! I am an EXTREME Def Squad fan. Erick Sermon, Redman and Keith Murray are some of my favorite rappers and producer EVER! So to see Jamal a lot of nostalgia and questions filled my head.

I know the grind doesn’t stop but, Jamal approached me like he was a cat who was still hungry and looking for his first major break. He was dolo with CD’s and greeting everybody with hunger in his eyes. You don’t see that especially from someone who sparked in the 90’s. Our interaction alone I had to ask him for a conversation when the time was right. He said he would really try to work it out [conversation about legal situation here] and I emphasized that I do phone interviews too.

I honestly have some dope catch up questions for Mally G. Jamal is also one of the first cats in Philly to really get on. He also got his start as a teenager in the Golden Era. I would really like this to go down. I can’t give away all my thoughts but, I think this could be a valuable history lesson.

In my eyes…Jamal hasn’t lost a step.

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