Just Admit That You Don’t Like Rap Music…

Photo from www.bad-perm.com
Photo from http://www.bad-perm.com

I hop on social media pretty much every day at some time of the day for work or just to see what the world is thinking and one thing is certain every time I log on and scroll….There is always a complaint or scathing report on hip-hip. Whether its a new single, artist, album or award show, there is a list of complaints and gripes of how “hip-hop is dead” or “it ain’t like it use to be”. However, the music isn’t the problem. You are.

YOUR AVENUES: Many of you complain about rap music and the state hip-hop, yet you use one source to find out what’s hot. The Radio. Growing up in Freeport, Illinois. I had no constant reliable radio station to hear new music from. IF I heard WGCI it was static filled or someone I knew was in Chicago and dubbed the radio station on cassette [If you under 25 just ask your parents about that last line] My saving grace was TV, friends and family. If I seen your video on Rap City or “Yo!” and if you had the “Jam of The Week” and I dug it. I took a trip to EarWaxx or Walmart to buy your CD.

I know…Yo and Rap City aren’t on anymore. Ok YouTube, Soundcloud Audiomack, Datpiff. Click on something that looks interesting and just listen. Get with the new era of finding music. Word of mouth will NEVER die. I can’t tell you how many artist I’ve supported because my cousin or one of the homey’s said “Man! Have you heard that new _______ though!?!” I give it a listen, I like it or not but I gave it a shot. How are some of you claiming to even love hip-hop and rap music but you waiting for the radio to tell you what’s popping? At it’s conception rap music wasn’t on the radio and it wasn’t even considered a music genre. Hip-Hop or “Urban Radio Stations” are barely 30 years old and that’s really pushing it. I still remember a time when they took the raps off of certain R&B songs to play them on radio. I remember because it was just 14 years ago. So how could you be using that as a primary means to get in tune with new rap music?

YOUR KNOWLEDGE: How are you claiming to like rap music and you don’t even know the rappers that are out? That right there proves you aren’t listening. Now, I could see you not know who Que is by face [OG Bobby Johnson song] I heard that song way before I seen him do an interview. If you don’t know who Y.G, Yo Gotti, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Rich Homie Quan, Schoolboy Q, Young Thug, Wale or Migos by FACE by NOW….That’s a hint and half that you just don’t pay attention to rap music or hip-hop culture like that anymore or at all. Once again, YouTube a video, watch it. Check out a Freshmen List Cover, interview or freestyle. Get in tune with the channels that talk about hip-hop and rap music everyday.

A 2 hour award show goes by and it seriously be people saying “I didn’t know who anybody was in the cyphers”. Huh!? You didn’t know who Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, Lil Mama, Snow Da Product, David Banner, Treach, Kevin Gates, Remy Ma and Papooose were? I can kind of understand not know Arsenal, Murda Mook, Berner, King Los and Jarren Benton but to say you knew NOBODY?!?! C’mon now. That’s crazy for a “hip-hop fan”. For the record that was 12 people I knew off the top of my head and even I didn’t know every single person but, I never do. The Cyphers are some artist first shot at national exposure. My opinion, if you are really into hip-hop and rap music, a 2 hour program can’t go by and you know absolutely no one. Sorry. How did you even know to watch if that’s the case?

YOUR SUPPORT: It’s so many complaints about so many artist and how they are “destroying hip-hop” yet all the complainers don’t want to do what it takes to let their voice be heard. You don’t buy a single, an album or come to a show if it’s not for free and some of you don’t even support if it is free. Artist like Childish Gambino drop an album in December of 2013 and give you a mixtape [FOR FREE] in September of 2014 and some of you who claim you “miss great lyricism” haven’t taken time to listen to either one of the projects. However, the flipside, you won’t go out and support Jay-Z because “you miss the old Jigga”. Some of you claim to love T.D.E but you only know Schoolboy Q’s “Studio” song feat BJ The Chicago Kid and have said “Ab-Soul got an album out?!?” How does that even happen? When is the last time you just Googled your favorite artist? When is the last time you checked a tour schedule or looked for music on a Tuesday? Some of your gripes are invalid because you are not even trying to show support in a real way. There is a LOT of official free music out here to get you up to speed on an artist. I bought Ty Dolla $igns Beach House EP because I felt I owed him for Beach House 2 and I am a sincere fan of his music. Grand scheme of things…I paid 7 dollars for right now 30 or more songs. I win.

I’ve never complained about 1 year in hip-hop. I haven’t liked every artist in Hip-Hop either. As an example, I am in no way shape or form a fan of Lil Wayne. I’ve heard a lot of his albums and mixtapes. However you will not find any of his complete work on my hard drive of CD collection. The 2 times I’ve seen wayne is because I was literally working and it was my job to be there and I left early. Outside of a literal handful of songs, I can say that I am not in support of his career in any facet. The problem with some of you “supporters” is you treat the “artist you love” how I treat the artist I don’t care for. I have a solution for you though.

Just admit you don’t like hip-hop or rap music anymore and spare yourself the negative energy. Say you “grew out of it” “you only like the music from your era” or “you are a bigger fan of another genre now”. It’s ok. Your realness, blackness or cool factor is not measured on what type of music you listen to and support. Have courage enough to stand up and walk out because that’s what you want to do. No one is going to judge you. Complaining about a genre of music you don’t really support gets you nowhere anyway. Hip-Hop is great, global and breaking barriers without your negative energy and lack of support….It’s time you realized that.

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