Quotes CoSign: Yo Gotti “I Am” Album

Yo Gotti - I Am Älbum Download

It’s about that time of the year where thousands of blogs and millions of people start doing their end of the year list, talking about who was the best, worst, yada, yada etc. I want to beat them to the punch and do something a little different though. Normally I would do the “Hip-Hop Polaris” and highlight my favorite verses and projects in one big post. I think with the current state of music support, that’s cheating the artist and the possible new listeners. So I’m starting the Quotes CoSign. It’s an anytime , all year homage to all the artist and projects that I feel you should be listening to. This isn’t a “who sells” “who’s the realest” and “who makes the most money list”. This is a “Yo! THIS PERSON GETS BUSY! So Support them” category. So let’s kick it off with one of if not my hands down favorite album of the year.

Since I heard CM7, I have completely turned the corner on Yo Gotti! There was a time where I definitely wasn’t up to speed and couldn’t understand the allure of this guy and his music. That time is over. CM7 was so well put together and honestly more lyrically clever than I anticipated that I left feeling like I kind of cheated myself but from now on, I’m checking for Yo Gotti Music.

November 19th 2013 was the date but the album doesn’t get much burn in the end of the year and gets lost in the shuffle because of the talks of MCHG, Yeezus, NWTS, Born Sinner, The Gifted, Stay Trippy, MMLP2, MNIMN and plenty other albums that dropped way before or around the same time..So, I’m personally throwing it in the 2014 Best Album Conversation.

The I Am album is so much doper than people understand or want to give credit for and I don’t understand why. With Tip, Jeezy, and Ross diversifying their image and seemingly transitioning out of hip-hop and with Meek really speaking for more of a younger audience, Yo Gotti should be seen as single handedly controlling the streets with his music and getting the mainstream push because said music is of high hit-making quality.

“I Know”, “Sorry”, “LeBron James” and “F-U” are certified bangers and honestly should have gotten more support than a lot of other songs that just aren’t as good as the 4 he put out on 1 album. Add “Cold Blood” with J. Cole you have a great melodic story telling record and the same could be said for “Pride To The Side”. Then “ION Want It” Is just a dope record. Listen to what he saying on it. It’s just hard as hail.

So right there I named 7 legit MUST LISTEN to tracks on the album and it’s 13 tracks on the album. I promise none of them is a reach. You want to turn up? You want to hear some “real ish”? You want some lyrics? All 7 songs do that. Some of them all in one. So whether you’re 18 or you’re 35 Gotti got something for you.

Now, by default of release date I can’t say it’s the Best Album of 2014. However, I can say that right now, song for song, I’m only putting 1 MAYBE 2 albums either right with it or above it. To me, this was Yo Gotti’s “Trap Muzik” or “Urban Legend” depending on how you feel about those respective albums. What I mean by that is, just 10 years ago, dropping an album like “I Am” would make you a household name and a superstar, not just critically acclaimed and street respected. Maybe the easy access to music is why. Maybe because the rap giants are being a tad more innovative with releasing is why this album got overshadowed. It also could be that undeniable elephant in the room that maybe Gotti just hasn’t gotten the complete attention of the guy that will do the remix to your already hot song to keep him hot yet. Either way Gotti gets my Co-Sign for being one of if not the best “Street Rapper” in the world of Hip-Hop today. I hope he pushes the envelope for exposure and releasing his music. I honestly think that would help. No gimmicks, tricks, or “beef” just a “oh wow, that’s cool and hasn’t been done in a while or before” campaign.

He’s smashed again with “Errbody” and it seems that more people are listening. It’s about time hip-hop helps Yo Gotti get the 7 figure sold plaque.

Just in case you can’t find it https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/i-am/id722411780

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