A Cool Conversation With CamQuotes and Ricky Freezer! #CCWCQ


I been in Indy over 4 years now and have had a chance to meet and listen to a lot of the artist. One thing I always searched for was “The Naptown Sound”. I always ask what that is and no one could seem to tell me. As time went on and I kept listening to different cats, I was introduced to a guy named Ricky Freezer. We dapped, he gave me a project and proceeded to win over a crowd at a show with other Naptown artist performing.

One thing I could always say about Freezer is that I always seen him working. Not complaining, dissing radio stations or starting beef…just working. I like to sit with music and really listen to it bout 2-3 times before I really say anything about it. I must admit his project got better with each listen.

“Who is Ricky Freezer?” the album is a very fun, energetic album with a lot very good beats and some very good rhymes. It’s an album with a little something for every state of mind. It’s one of the reasons I consider Ricky Freezer “The Most Accurate Depiction of Indianapolis Hip-Hop”.

Find out Ricky’s thoughts on that as well as his introduction to hip-hop and how he feels Jim Irsay would react if and when he hears the song “Jim Irsay” on this new Cool Conversation With CamQuotes!

Check out the project “Who Is Ricky Freezer?” below

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