#QuotesCoSign: YG “My Krazy Life” Album

YG MKL Cover

Not since November 23, 1993 has there been an album released from a West Coast artist that made you think Wow, this gangsta ish is a whole other world out there.” So it’s no surprise that the young man that made it turned 24 this year. You can’t make an album like My Krazy Life and not really know how the game go. This is another one of those albums that you got to love because of the story and lifestyle it tells.

In my world, My Krazy Life is the best album of 2014. I say that to keep consistent with the other albums that have dropped over the last 3 years. A seeming majority gave Kendrick the crown of the West Coast and Rap period and obviously didn’t expect an album like My Krazy Life to be coming March 18, 2014. Now for me to explain myself since I know some screens are already being cussed at for even attempting to compare Kendrick to YG, which is not what I’m doing by the way. This is about the parallel stories told throughout these albums.

YG’s album is the Yang to Good Kid M.A.A.D City. Kendrick was the good kid, who was just rolling with the homeys. YG is the real gangsta homey! Kendrick told a story of B&E and how he was in the house helping. YG tells a B&E story and he’s Quarterbacking the crime. YG is Kendrick’s Super Gangster friend that is breaking in homes, smoking weed, beating a$$ and fawking another n***a bish! To sum it up, YG is the friend that Kendrick’s Mom would have told him to not hang out with. YG could have easily been on EVERY Skit on Kendrick’s Album and in some respects is giving you the flip side to what happened in some of the stories. Play those albums back to back and tell me it’s not points in both albums where they appear to be two sides of the same crew.

YG’s album is just flooded with great gangsta music. It should be 1.5 million or better but it doesn’t seem like the streets or the hip-hop heads are overly supporting this album. I don’t understand why though. Maybe the complaint of “Rap has gotten too soft and safe” is the reason for it’s lack of overwhelming support. The undeniable hot tracks on the album are:

2. BPT
5. “Bicken Back Being Bool”
6. “Meet the Flockers” (featuring Tee Cee)
7. “My Nigga” (featuring Jeezy and Rich Homie Quan)
8. “Do It to Ya” (featuring TeeFLii) AKA Let’s Play House 2014
10.”Who Do You Love?” (featuring Drake)
11.”Really Be (Smokin N Drinkin)” (featuring Kendrick Lamar)
12.”1 AM”
14.”Sorry Momma” (featuring Ty Dolla Sign)

Ok, I know I practically named the whole album but, I’m not joking. This album is seriously hard as Hail! And if you got the Deluxe Edition you already know about “When I Was Gone” and “Bompton”. The Thank God Interlude got his homey RJ on it and dude getting busy. Great verse to transition into Sorry Momma. The other songs are good too, It’s just these tracks are the undeniable tracks. Undeniable meaning you got to play them back or you let one ride the whole day.

Is YG the Best Rapper out? Nope! Is YG giving you something you never heard before in life? Not At All. Is YG going to save or change hip-hop? I seriously doubt it. What YG is giving you is the reality of a Young Blood on the West Coast that’s really in the streets. He’s letting you know that the game ain’t changed since before he was born and if you don’t find a way out, you can be consumed by the streets and the lifestyle. This album is the lifestyle and it’s consequences. Hip-Hop praised another album similar to this about 2 years ago. I want some sincere praise for this album too.

Snoop said “Mustard and YG are the new Dre and Snoop.” After hearing this album you would be a fool to disagree with that.

My Krazy Life is The Doggystyle of this era – CamQuotes

Listen My Krazy Life here or get a hard copy at your favorite retailer.

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