No! Shave! Till Millions!!!

Last night I was looking for motivation. I been talking this Millionaire talk but, I really hadn’t put it into real motion with definite purpose. Sure I want it but shoot I also want the ability to teleport but that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen because I say it.

I threw a Tweegram out there last night saying “What if I didn’t cut my hair till I made 1 million dollars”…Then it honestly became all clear. That’s what I’m going to do. I woke up with this feeling this morning except on the way to the store, I thought “I shouldn’t cut it till I reach 2 million dollars since that’s all I talk about.”

It is November 9th, 2014 and my new goal, motivation and inspiration is…I will not get another haircut until I make, generate and earn 2 million dollars.


As you can see my eyes are a little red, my head nappy and it’s about time for lining. Im going to get that lining but, I will not cut my hair until I can say I have 2 million dollars. I still need to look presentable so I at least need a line here and there.

Why don’t you cut your hair and start with a clean slate? Because that’s not how life goes. Your only clean slate is birth. I’m not starting from scratch. I don’t have 0 dollars to my name. This isn’t about the beginning, this is about the moment. The moment I thought of this is the moment it begin. Time is now, not my next haircut.

How are you going to get 2 million dollars? There is no real 1 answer but, my plan is to use myself and my brand as the ultimate asset to myself. For example

I can sell ad space on the site
I could host more events
I could make smarter self investments
I could save more and spend less

It will all help. I don’t know what will definitely work. I just know the goal in place. The first compilation project will still be Free just to stand on my word for that.

This isn’t just about money. This is about putting more effort behind the faith of the vision that I have. I want to improve my quality of life. I want to have a trust fund for my daughter. I want my mom to retire so she can stop complaining about work. This is bigger than me and my wants. This is taking thoughts next level and making them reality. This isn’t a New Years Resolution; This is a Real Life Solution.

I believe no one in life is going to ever just give you anything for nothing in return. I have no problem going out and earning every penny to this goal. Just know, I will ABSOLUTELY NOT be putting up a meter, chart or updating with my financial progress! LOL! Just know that one day, I will get another haircut and it will be because I achieved my number 1 financial goal.

If you have it for me….Your positivity and support is appreciated. Thank You.

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