#QuotesCoSign: ScHoolboy Q “Oxymoron” Album

Oxymoron Cover

With the steam TDE created for themselves in 2013 with no album or official project releasing in that actual year, it was hard to deny that they weren’t the strongest and most anticipated team. I know personally I felt that way about ScHoolboy Q’s album. I been a legit fan of Q since the Habits and Contradictions album. In my humble opinion from front to back, I think that’s the best project the team has put out. There are projects from them on that level and it’s no disrespect but, H&C just has a great and refreshing sound and feel.

Oxymoron is a dope album! Not sure why all the steam and effort was put just behind Studio with BJ The Chicago Kid because he has more than one song you can really rock to. I wanted the media storm and the “OH MY GOD!!! THIS IS THE GREATEST THING TO HAPPEN SINCE THE LATEX CONDOM” type of talk like when the world seemingly jumped out of the top floor of the Sears Tower [now willis] window for Good Kid M.A.A.D City. That didn’t happen but, maybe that’s for the better. The new age of hip-hop fans are so fickle that great praise for a big mainstream effort could kill you based on their expectations and not your evolution of your craft.

To me the album really starts at Hoover Street but lets talk best tracks on the album
Collard Greens
Hoover Street
The Purge
Blind Threats
Break The Bank
Man of the Year

So that’s 9 tracks and I’ll stand on those. Hell of A Night, you’ll like that if your music taste is beyond the structured norm. I like the track but I know I would find a great handful of people who would try to tell me “that song ain’t hot”. Then you would get some trying to be too different and tell me “Man really…that’s the best song on the album” FOH!

If you got the deluxe CD edition you know about Grooveline Part 2 with Suga Free. This song has my favorite hook and favorite line of 2014. The hook is “Will you sell that pu$$y for me” the line from Suga Free is “Now watch me go Black Forrest Ham”. It’s something for the inner pimp in me and I LOVE IT! Matter fact…just listen to Sugar Free’s verse and tell me that isn’t the hardest Pimp Ish you’ve heard this year!

Another dope bonus track is F*ck LA. I love Q’s flow on that and the hook once again is crazy, dope and hilarious to me. You got to rock to it.

You could make the argument this is the best album of the year. It definitely holds one of the biggest hits of year but, people won’t. Do I think this album trumps H&C? No but, I still do dig it and think it shows a little growth and it’s consistent with what he started. Q wants hit records. He wants to be a big rap star on his terms and with that level of honesty and dedication, I can’t not support it. Q’s still my hands down favorite of the TDE crew and I doubt that will ever change.

You don’t have Q’s Oxymoron Album you can get it here


It even has Gravy and Yay Yay and even the deluxe CD version didn’t have those 2 tracks on there.

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