A Cool Conversation With CamQuotes and B.o.B! #CCWCQ

So outside of a music conference, I got a chance to get a literal “Quick Conversation” in with B.o.B. The fade back in is because I definitely messed up a bit that I was trying to do modify some song lyrics and I stumbled, had my phone high up in my hand and totally jacked this joint up and needless to say it wasn’t impressive. Good embarrassing moment to learn from though. B.o.B ran with it but hey….that’s cutting room floor material.

What you do need to know is B.o.B and Kevin Gates are on the road right now and they are trying to make an ever lasting mark in the game. They are two different artist with a very similar grind and it is definitely paying off. Now, my Cool Conversation with B.o.B.

The new joint from B.o.B features Trey Songz and it’s called Not For Long….Now you know….Shout to myself and my reading abilities and memory….SMH…got to laugh at yourself sometimes.

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