I Don’t Believe in “The White Washing of Hip-Hop”…

Photo from mashable.com
Photo from mashable.com

A very hot topic in the hip-hop community and now on social media is “The White Washing of Hip-Hop”. For some reason this “urban art form” is bringing to light heavy prejudice and racial undertones and it’s very alarming to me. I think a lot of us need history lessons on who does what and what love for the music and the culture really means. Just because you’re black or hispanic with a verse or because you respect KRS-One, doesn’t mean your representing the culture right. Just because you’re white from a suburb doesn’t mean you’re all about “white washing black culture and making a dollar off the ghetto”.

In my world, there is no such thing as the “white washing of hip-hop”. If it appears that way to you, you’re honestly looking at the game wrong. Eminem got a co-sign and a chance from Dr. Dre. He took that chance and then gave one to 50 Cent. 50 Cent took his chance and put his real friends on and  then gave Young Buck a shot.  That’s how the game has to go to progress and it has nothing to do with color. From an artist standpoint only one white person has benefitted from that trickle down of chance and opportunity.

FACT: As you see Eminem didn’t run out and put a gang of white rappers on. In fact, the only white rapper he has truly ever co-signed is Yelawolf. Eminem is responsible for assisting a good number of black millionaires in hip-hop culture. We should never question his agenda or think he is ever trying to white wash the culture.

T.I thinks Iggy’s a superstar so he’s given her a chance. Mac Miller literally took  a page out of the Master P playbook with an internet twist to make himself prominent as well as Macklemore. I’m not going to speak on Macklemore pushing gay agenda because nobody has to buy the music. Being gay in hip-hop has not been widely known as a good marketing or financial plan. How is he the poster boy for pushing gay agenda and he’s not the one in skirts, dresses, calling other men BAE, hubby and spitting what some would call “pause-worthy lyrics”? He also hasn’t put out any songs degrading or disrespecting women to the point you wonder if he even likes women at all. “Who’s Really Pushing Gay Agenda?” Coming soon.

A great question to ask yourself is where would hip-hop be without people like Rick Rubin, Steve Rifkind, Clive Davis, Jimmy Iovine, Lyor Cohen, Jazz great Bob James, Dave Mays of The original Source Magazine, The Beastie Boys, MC Search, Statik Selectah, Eminem and even Jerry Heller?

The angry Black portion of the hip-hop community really needs to stop acting like a small handful of white people who believe and love this culture or just the music, isn’t responsible for a few dozen PLUS of the most successful black people in the game yesterday, today and possibly tomorrow. A lot of these white rappers have no engine behind them but, they’re in streets passing out CD’s, joining battle leagues and going the Independent route to achieve success. They are doing what they seen and studied in hip-hop. If there was truly a white washing in hip-hop and the “culture vulture” talk was so real….Wouldn’t it be like 10 Eminem’s? Wouldn’t Macklemore have sold 5 or 10 million? Would Jay-Z be able to start Roc Nation? We need to get back to believing hard work and talent is what is helping make people successful. Maybe your favorite rapper just isn’t as good as you think he or she is. Maybe their business savvy or work ethic SUCKS! Let’s look at their grind before we look at the system.

To close on a topic that is getting some steam. I see people are mad that Ariana Grande and Jessie J want to remake The Brandy and Monica hit “The Boy Is Mine”. First, lets get the truth out that the producer of the original track, Rodney Jerkins is the one making this happen. Two, realize for their demo, Ariana and Jessie are two of the biggest stars in the world right now, much like Brandy and Monica were when they did the song. Three, look over the industry for female black singers 21 and under right now, I’m willing to bet money I don’t even have that they can’t out sing these two girls. This is a talent and impact move. Not a white washing black culture move.

The White American audience has no problem, showing respect, paying homage and keeping the feel good music alive, while the predominately black culture is quick to push you out and call you irrelevant so someone new can shine for fear of “not enough room”. Guarantee if Kelly and Beyonce wanted to do this remake right now, it would be no problem….and they are grown married women with kids! Then you know what would happen? The black audience would “drag Brandy and Monica” and turn the remake and show of respect as a “Man they killed y’all on your own song.” “Queen Beysus is giving me life” “I bet Kelly is glad Bey gave her this moment” and anything else these stans say when they hop on twitter. And let’s keep it a buck and change….Beyonce and Kelly couldn’t do this song as teenagers or early 20 somethings because vocally, it would have been a NIGHTMARE!

If Jessie and Ariana do this remake and it becomes as big or bigger than the original…GUARANTEE YOU they try to perform at the Grammys and or AMAs with Brandy and Monica out of respect because the level of ego isn’t as bad in the popular music world as it is in the hip-hop culture world.

This industry is more green than anything end of day. An artist job is to be entertaining and make the company they work for money. They may very well say sing about this, wear this, do that but, there is no rule of life that you have to do it. You may lose your job, you may come with a better idea. Either way, you better do something that’s bringing in  cash because that has to be done whether you are black or white.

The guy who wrote this….Sold 10’s of millions…Pay Attention!


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