Method Man’s Tical Album Turns 20!

Method Man Tical cover

The date was November 15, 1994 and the hip-hop world was anxiously waiting for this day. That day was the official release of Method Man’s Tical album. I remember this album because I was around HANDS DOWN the biggest Method Man fan of the 90’s! His name was J.J and his hype and promotion alone had me thinking Method Man was going to drop a classic of “Thriller Proportions.” After he played me the Bring The Pain video he recorded, I was thinking, Maybe he’s right. Maybe this album will be cold. Another huge fan of the Ticalion Stallion was my friend Keith. So between those two, I was sure to get looked at funny if I didn’t have this album.

I liked Wu-Tang. My favorite out the group was the Genius. He made “Clan In Da Front” and I rest my case. However, the more I heard Bring The Pain, the more I had probable cause to cop this album.

The GREAT tracks on this album are

Bring The Pain
What The Blood Clot
Meth vs Chef 2
Release Your Delf

I can give you the  “Method Man Remix” by default. I know what you’re thinking. I didn’t name All I Need with Mary J Blige. You’re right. I didn’t name that track because it’s not on the album. There is a stripped down more “meh version” of the song on the album. The remix was a separate single that released with the video in the spring of 1995. I think if Meth puts that version on the album, I think people talk about this album a lot differently.

P.L.O Style is a good track. I think it’s also the first time we heard Street Life. I’m not mad at it but I also didn’t have it on repeat

Tical is not a classic. I think overall, hip-hop expected more even though Meth and Mary are considered to have the undisputed greatest hip-hop duet of all time. For some of you that may be exactly 20 years old or younger, Method Man was predicted to be the biggest star in Rap when his album got a release date. Depending on the conversation, Meth was put above Biggie, Nas, and was supposed to be the guy with the entire East on his back.

Don’t get me wrong. Method Man is a dope lyricist and he’s one of the most unique and innovative artist we’ve ever seen. He did indeed become a very big star but, I think you have to be there 20 years ago to understand how the build up for him to be a MEGA SUPER STAR was set.

I took time to write about this album because it was a reflection of time in hip-hop and my life. 1994, I started developing real rap taste because of the albums that came out this year. Tical was one of those albums that helped me decide exactly what it was I liked and didn’t like about emcees and albums. Also can’t forget the life and times of my friends who were tremendous “Team Meth” supporters. [No Breaking Bad]. I’m going to listen to this album again. See if that “OK” rating” goes to “Great” 20 years later. If you got in your collection, do the same.

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