A Cool Conversation with CamQuotes, B Swift and Professor Griff! #CCWCQ

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Rock N Roll Hall of Famer, Professor Griff of Public Enemy has absolutely no problem speaking his mind. He was as transparent and candid as I knew he would be. It’s really no need for me to say much especially with so many videos to watch below.

Professor Griff turned two separate interviews with myself and the homey B-Swift to a full blown, barbershop style studio conversation.

Watch as he talks Illuminati Lineage, How to handle the Ferguson verdict, what he would do in Bill Cosby’s position as well as the war on hip-hop and what he feels is the injection of White America into Black Culture. This is…another one of those….Cool Conversations with CamQuotes, B Swift and Professor Griff!

One thought on “A Cool Conversation with CamQuotes, B Swift and Professor Griff! #CCWCQ

  1. Griff is on point. I need to read his book. Two ultimate take aways for me were, somebody on purpose brought Hip Hop to its current (now and last 10 years) state of ignorance and what Chuck said, attention is the new currency.

    I think those points go hand in hand. Ignorance is the proven method to get attention. It simultaneously is also how the powerful trend of ignorance is spread, most expeditiously via social networking. Hip hop went from communicating social injustices to now social networking participants in the New World Order Minstrel Show. The water has now become poison. Cue the Nas Track…


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