Who Really Has To Win The Cassidy Vs. Dizaster Battle?

Photo from www.hackforums.net
Photo from http://www.hackforums.net

December 6th, 2014 is the date set for the Cassidy vs. Dizaster battle. The anticipation is high but honestly, I feel the overall respect for Cassidy is real low. I think the elements that truly matter in a battle are being overlooked, so I want to take some time and dissect this to put a little more perspective as the real countdown begins.

Battle Rap much like Rap Music has grown into a full blown business and there is nothing wrong with that. However, it appears that a lot of the battlers reaping those business benefits feel they are untouchable in every aspect of the word; Rightfully so but even with that right, I think it’s too much disregard and disrespect for what came before them.

Let’s Do a quick break down of the evolution of battle rap. Let’s just start at 2004 till 2014, cool?

In the early to mid 2000’s when Fight Klub, Smack DVD’s and even the spitters on Cocaine City were doing their thing.
It was no build up
They will tell it was little to no money
Cats rapped more to prove they were great rhymers
There was no months of Prep for 1 battle
Crowd could be deemed a factor especially on foreign turf

Today’s battle scene
It’s literally Wrestlemania/HBO 24/7 style build up and vignettes
Its definitely a lot more antics and theatrics
Skill is still very important but, it’s more focus on “exposing” the opponent
Definitely good money for a 60 minute or less performance
Crowd is a factor everywhere because now it’s said people are paid to show up and BOO

To be fair, this is the “World Star Era” and the motto for a lot of these young cats is “Expose or Get Exposed” but in all honesty, it takes away from the craft and what everybody really came for…To hear RAPS.

The big red flag about Cassidy from the New Generation of battle stars is “He needs to adjust. That old flow won’t work”. This is in reference to the elaborate schemes and build ups to punchlines that cats create now. I have two feelings about that in general.

1. Only a small handful of cats doing schemes are NICE!
2. Cassidy is one of the original Punchline Kings

If we are being extremely honest, Cassidy played a major part of birthing the elaborate style of punchlines that cat’s use today. There was a time where thousands of rappers trying to win a battle or make a hit record were trying to rap like Cassidy. That was just 2006. I don’t think that gets highlighted enough.

Something else I don’t think gets highlighted enough…Is that historically Cassidy was giving out 100 bars or MORE for absolutely no reason other than to prove he could rap. Look at this video below. As you can see, he already has a deal, already got a hit single and he know his record selling….

Cassidy been asking for the Quarter Mill for a while now…One thing that should never be in question is Cassidy’s lyrical stamina and endurance. No question there is not a current rapper with a hit record out that will do this right now.

Let me say real quick that Dizaster is Dope! Unfortunately, his “World Wide Press” is him battling an ill prepared Canibus and him stealing off Math Hoffa [Still haven’t seen that battle, only the fight] so for the outsiders looking in, they may feel “Why is Cassidy even battling a dude when all the big news on him isn’t even involving rapping?” Which brings us to the real question. Who really has to win this battle?

This is a tad different from Joe Budden vs Hollow Da Don. That was established artist with a seemingly unknown battle history going against one of, if not the top dog in the battle circuit. Cass vs Diz is more of establish artist with one great battle performance TAPED vs One of the really good battle rappers of today.

However, it can’t get confused that just because Cassidy had 1 taped battle that it’s the only battle he ever had. New cats need to understand. The Cassidy vs Freeway battle was a Ruff Ryders vs Rocafella/State Property battle. Cats also need to understand from the mouths of Swizz, Dee and Wah that everybody in Ruff Ryders at LEAST had to battle each other just to be in the camp! Also, REMEMBER! Meek even said he use to watch Cassidy KILL people in battles so this really isn’t something new for him.

Styles make battles. I would LOVE for 2006 Cassidy to show up and battle 2014 Dizater. Why? Because if Cassidy stays in his lane, it’s going to be a long night for Diz. I don’t think Cassidy “Doing as the Romans Do” is going to work in his favor. In my eyes, Cassidy doesn’t have to beat Dizaster but, Dizaster DEFINITELY has to beat Cassidy and it has to be undeniable!

Once again, to the audience not into battle rap like that, if you just Google Dizaster, the Math situation comes up, The Canibus battle info comes up and the build up to this battle with Cassidy comes up more than anything else….His battles with DNA and Aye Verb come up too but, it’s overshadowed by a bunch of other “info”. Dizaster needs this W so EVERYONE really understands that he really gets busy on the battle scene lyrically. With a wide lens on the situation, it’s really hard to say who is the underdog on this one.

Cassidy honestly has nothing to gain but money in this situation. This won’t get him a deal, exposure, it’s not going to be a milestone in his career, it’s not even going to get him more respect from anyone that knows his history. This literally is just another day and another battle. Cassidy doesn’t need this. That’s why he talking the way his is….AND HE’S RIGHT! He IS going to help the battle culture, AGAIN!

If he wins, he’ll get flack about not taking on a better battle rapper. If he loses, he still gets paid and to be honest a lot of cats will chalk it up to it “Just being a new day in battle rap”.

To sum this up…Cassidy said “It’s about who show’s up on the 6th”….no need to talk on after that.

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