#QuotesCoSign: Ty Dolla $ign “Sign Language”

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Ty Dolla $ign is not a rapper. Sometimes I feel that only I understand that but, I’m putting this on the CoSign because this category is all about highlighting the best projects within hip-hop the culture. So don’t be surprised if you see other “non rap projects” make it on the CoSign.

Ty Dolla $ign was hands down my favorite artist of 2014 and the more music I found he wrote, produced or put out, he started becoming my favorite artist period! I was prepared to buy a copy of $ign Language just out of pure fandom. When I found out the project was FREE on Datpiff….Well let’s just say my summer got super official! I think this project is DOPE! I had to sit with it and off top I started comparing it to Beach House 2 and The Beach House EP, which was a mistake on my part. You have to listen to all of Ty’s projects for what they are, not for what he already put out.

The Undeniable Tracks
Lord Knows
Drank N Cranberry
Like I Do
Type of Sh*t I Hate
Can’t Stay

An extra bonus on the project is the R&B Interludes. I honestly think they are too short. Especially Mila J’s interlude after Missionary. She definitely has the hardest one. Ed Sheeran’s cover of Can’t Stay has to be coming soon and I’ll be check for that. BJ The Chicago Kid has a really smooth one before Lord Knows and that’s all Im giving away.

It is a lot of raps on this project. At first listen I thought it was too many but with more listens, it’s a decent balance of rap and R&B. I personally don’t think all the raps were needed but, I’m not the Executive Producer of the project.

If you don’t mess with Ty Dolla $ign, you should. He’s written some of the biggest records of 2014 and if you really checked credits you’d understand why a lot of the R&B Game is starting to sound similar across the board. Beach House 2 is still my favorite project but I definitely rock with this joint. DOLLA SIGN!!!


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