#QuotesCoSign: 50 Cent “Animal Ambition” Album


I’m a legit 50 Cent fan. That’s never going to change. I have an odd understanding of everything he does and sometimes my understanding is seemed as “giving him a pass” but that’s not true. After “Get Rich”, 50 Cent was a SUPERSTAR! He was literally bigger than Drake is right now. You don’t agree…but, has Drake sold over 10 million in JUST THE U.S on Just 1 Album? Exactly. Old 50 had no chance of resurfacing for real and a lot of people in hip-hop are thanking GOD for that. Fast Forward….Animal Ambition is a good album. It’s not going to gain new fans or new respect. It’s a 50 Cent album for non wavering 50 Cent Fans.

Undeniable Tracks
Hold On
Irregular Heartbeat
Chase The Paper

I know I didn’t put “Smoke” featuring Trey Songz on the “undeniable list” and honestly, that should explain why this album was forgotten and the sales are even down for “Curtis and BISD 50”. I wish “Don’t Worry Bout It” with Yo Gotti had a different or flat out better beat. I know they are BOTH better than that and that track is just ok.

The very big PLUS on this album is, if you weren’t sold on Kidd Kidd, you just might be after hearing him on “Everytime I Come Around” and “Irregular Heartbeat”. He honestly has one of the best verses on the Album…Like Top 3.

If you got the Deluxe Edition than you know like I do “Flip On You” featuring ScHoolboy Q is the best song on the album. You KNOW its the best song on the album 7 seconds in! “Fiddy and Q” don’t do whack collaborations. This confirms that.

“The Funeral” and “You Know” are two other solid deluxe edition tracks. One could argue that those songs are also better than a few songs that made the actual album.

We all want old 50 back but, we just got to take him in Flashes and Doses. I’m personally glad that 50 hasn’t gotten “too rich to rap” yet. Sure he doesn’t NEED to but the fact that he still WANTS to is very cool. A lot of our favorites are simply “Rapping cause they can”. Our lives may have not progressed as much financially but remember; We are in a time where the average rapper is about 32 now. So that hard, gutter grimey, kill and fawk the world music just doesn’t apply as much as you get older. 50 Cent is a prime example of that. Yeah, you’re going to get some aggression and some street but, you’re also going to get improved quality of life, “Target Market Music” and “mature diversified musical ear”. I’ll take what I can get…Give Animal Ambition a listen.

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