“Real” vs Rap: Why I Feel Cassidy Beat Dizaster

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It finally happened and even though I swore I wasn’t going to support what started out as a total pathetic failure, I couldn’t resist watching this Cassidy vs Dizaster battle; and I’m honestly glad I did.

This was a battle that makes you think about how you view and judge battles. To spare the Suspense, I think Cass beat Diz 2-1 and you can make a very valid argument for 3-0. Let’s break it down.

ROUND 1: The bars came out. Diz went pretty hard. He was clever, lyrical and “Dizaster”. He set the tone that round and put pressure on Cassidy to come out with some undeniable hot BARS. Diz was straight A game. Cassidy came with it though. Cass did Cass. He came out with the mentality of “This is how and why I win battles” “I don’t care what the new kids are doing, I’m doing me” and it WORKED! Then Cassidy flips it to Diz style to show how out dated he isn’t and how he’s very aware of who his opponent is and impersonated Diz in great fashion. Even Diz couldn’t front that his impression of him was on point; Then Cassidy brings it back to Classic Cassidy.

Honestly: The first round was extremely debatable. If you say Diz won. I get it. If you say Cass won, I understand that too. I’m going to give the first round to Diz because I feel he set the tone and influenced Cassidy’s rebuttal. However, the more I listen to Round 1, I really don’t think Cassidy lost that round either.

ROUND 2: Just when I thought Dizaster was going to continue what he did in the first round, he overly disappoints me with a whole round about his conversation with Ar-Ab and a bunch of lines about “How Cassidy isn’t real”. Sorry, that’s trash to me. I said it before. New School battlers are more concerned with “Trying to expose an opponents realness” instead of trying to be a better rapper. That’s exactly what happened. He drug that out so long that the crowd obviously got disinterested. Cassidy countered with just rapping. He went vintage Cassidy. Yeah some of the bars were “basic for today’s time” but his performance and the realness of what he was saying was undeniable. For example, His bar about his watch being yellow like the bee on the Cheerios box at face value isn’t a “Great Battle Bar”….but….HE GOT THE WATCH ON! Cassidy showed up, with a watch, a chain and was sipping on what I believe was a bottle of Bellaire. He looked as rich and as arrogant as people thinks he is, BUT IT WORKS!

Honestly: Cassidy won Round 2 and quite convincingly in my eyes. I don’t feel I need to say much about that. Side Question: Isn’t calling a battle rapper and giving up information on past crimes and “real factor” a form of “Dry Snitching”? Is that something the new generation is respecting and supporting in hip-hop? Let me know on that.

Round 3: To make it real short Dizaster did a worst version of Round 2 and totally sucked the air out of the crowd. It got so bad, he paused on a line, went silent and Cassidy laughed at him. It was kind of embarrassing. It was just more “you ain’t real” “you aint gangsta” “you a bish”. I mean man…how many times do you have to say it? Cassidy countered with MORE RAPS! It was almost like he wanted to make it clear he wasn’t even listening to dude and stuck to his script.

Honestly: Cassidy won round 3 EASILY! Nobody watching that battle really thinks Dizaster won Round 3. There is literally not 1 case you could make. Diz himself admitted he got thrown off in the third and he was so mad he just wanted Cassidy to STFU and rap so the battle could be over.

I got Cassidy winning 2-1 with the only round in question being the First Round. I’ll admit, this is all in how you view battle raps. Me personally, I like to hear raps. I want someone to be out rapped in the contest. I don’t care about who’s real, I don’t want to hear a lot of “FACTS”, I want to hear who is rapping the best right now. Cassidy did an overall better version of rapping. Dizaster could have won or made it more of a compelling debate but I feel he wasted 2 rounds on trying to “Expose Barry Adrian Reese” and nobody wants to hear that ish. Sorry.

Now I know a lot of new cats will be like “Man Cass flow is so archaic and Dizaster was just giving real talk.” My response is, You can always find a person willing to give up information on a person they don’t like. That person’s “truth” will more than likely give you some “FACTS” that makes the other person look foolish, crazy and lame…and that’s why battles should be about RAP LYRICS and not RAP SHEETS.

This still wasn’t the best battle of the Day, Year, Weekend or a best battle period. The hype still overshadowed the actual battle. We could very well all be prisoners of the moment and be giving this battle too much light right now by even speaking on it. Time will tell on that.

Daylyt said he got 400K for Cassidy…I want to see that.

Well that’s my thought but what are yours? Who do you feel won? Have you seen the battle? If for some reason you haven’t seen it. Check it out for yourself below.

5 thoughts on ““Real” vs Rap: Why I Feel Cassidy Beat Dizaster

  1. Nah that Personal ish is weak and Diz talking about “Yeah I called Ar-ab and told me about you aint real blah blah” nobody wanna hear that …. I’m cass Fan ,i was so scared that cass could lose the battle but he did not. i dont wanna lie, Diz got some bars and he can rap but on this battle he did lot of mistake and forgetting who cassidy?


  2. Lol @ “some of his bars are basic for today’s time.” You’re killing me…have you been listening to these “today’s time” artists? I don’t….but the stuff I’ve been hearing from “today’s time” doesn’t exactly scream stoopid dumb lyrical styles. Today’s time is behind the Times if you think about it.


  3. You gotta love these Diz haters. They’ll give the battle to anybody going against him. The author of this writes, “Now I know a lot of new cats will be like “Man Cass flow is so archaic and Dizaster was just giving real talk.” My response is, You can always find a person willing to give up information on a person they don’t like.” Yeah, because all of the cliche arab shit, overused imitation, and remedial bars were just too real. LOL! I have no idea why anyone in their right fucking mind thinks Cassidy got that battle. He was wack as hell.


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