#QuotesCoSign: Common “Nobody’s Smiling” Album


One of my biggest conversations to date is the phone interview I had with Common. Being an Illinois native that got a chance to live some of my adult life in Chicago, it was an honor to speak with a Chicago Hip-Hop Legend. Common told me the album “Nobody’s Smiling” was coming and with no hesitation I knew I was copping. Not just because I had a great conversation but, because it’s hard to not want to give a Common album a listen.

Nobody’s Smiling is an album that hopefully brings light to the New Chicago Era of Hip-Hop. It’s some great combinations of new and old on this album. Some of these new voices could literally be the new torch carriers for the midwest, so for them to be on this particular album is a big deal! Of course Common has verses and scenarios about the current state of Chicago and the people that live the lives of the stories untold to the masses and with splashes of the new generation throughout the album, it is captured well from start to finish.

Undeniable Tracks

The Neighborhood
Speak My Piece
Hustle Harder
Rewind That

You already know what Common is about. So you know you are going to get Good Music from him regardless. This album to me is all about the features. Lil Herb probably spit his best verse of the year. Definitely the best I’ve heard from him period and Chicago needed that for the sake of the new movement of music, that some would deem heavy on Fear Factor yet lacking on actual lyrical talent. Dreezy proves that there’s another female in Chicago worth listening to and rewinding. Elijah Blake’s hook on Real compliments the groove so well that I want to hear more from him soon! Detroit’s Big Sean is truly one of the leaders of the new school just off the refreshing styles he brings and Vince Staples is coming! West Coast is not done producing young dope emcees and Vince confirms that. The Odd Future cats are  extremely talented whether you love or hate them.

You got the Deluxe Version like me, you know you got 3 more dope tracks in Out on Bond, 7 Deadly Sins and Young Hearts Run Free.

Hip-Hop Loves Common and Common Loves Hip-Hop. You want an album that’s all about the love of hip-hop and where an emcee is from? Cop Common’s Nobody’s Smiling Album.

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