LL Cool J & Canibus Reunite In BK at The Barclay Center for 4,3,2,1 (2014) [FULL VIDEO]

Photo from escobar300.wordpress.com
Photo from escobar300.wordpress.com

So of all the things I’d never thought I see in my hip-hop lifetime…..I hop on FB and See LL and Canibus have made peace and performed 4,3,2,1! In 2014! WOW!

I’m glad to see this. Better ultra late than never. Canibus is one of my favorite rhymers ever! Shout to the homey M80 on the video! Hip-Hop Wins AGAIN!

M80’s next goal is to become an accomplished Hip-Hop Entrepreneur so I can grace the cover of NUVO. We here at BehindTheRhyme.com wish him well on his new quest. Salute!

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