#QuotesCoSign: Meyhem Lauren and Buckwild The “Silk Pyramids” Album

Every year there are a couple projects that I hear, that I don’t expect to and they impress me. The Silk Pyramids album is another one of those times. I been paying attention to Meyhem Lauren since I heard him on Action Bronson’s Rare Chandeliers project. His collaborations with Bronson are always dope so I couldn’t NOT listen, once I realized he had an album out. The first track on the album, is him and Bronson! Point proven again!

Undeniable Tracks

100MPH with Action Bronson
Love and Loyalty
Salmon Croquettes
Honey Champagne Sorbet
Aztec Blue
I Need It All
Where The $ At

To sum it up, Meyhem makes timeless traditional hip-hop records. You can tell the music is new but you can say “I could have heard this in 1995”. It’s really gritty New York Street music and that in itself will never get old. That’s what created the original love affair with hip-hop and the people. This album is an effortless nostalgia filled joint. It may not fit a lot of mainstream and radio formats but if you just want to heard some hard rhymes and hard beats from Buckwild, I recommend this joint for real! Saying you don’t Meyhem Lauren’s album is like saying you don’t like the “M.O.P” or “Kool G Rap” sound and you’ve never heard of Trigga The Gambler and Smooth Da Hustler. Meyhem goes nuts and has some bars with his flow…

Now, with that being said….GET THAT SILK PYRAMIDS!

Also! Meyhem’s verse on that Statik Selektah joint on Big City of Dreams is SUPER HARD! 

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