#QuotesCoSign: Moss Da Beast The #IfSkillzSold Album

Album cover

If possible, I always want to hit y’all with a little something that you just may not be up on. I don’t know about these other cats but, I’m definitely listening to anybody at least once and if I see some real work and effort to improve, I’ll give your project a listen. I’ve known of Moss Da Beast for a few years now and I got to say, out of everything he’s ever sent me this is definitely the best front to back project I got from him.

Moss is an artist of improvement. Very rarely do artist get better MUSICALLY each project and he has definitely done that. Some of you may be familiar with The Marley Son Projects and his last album LeBron Jordan Kobe and from where I sit, If Skillz Sold is better than all those projects.

This project is emotional, musical and you can hear real content and sincerity in the raps. Moss is definitely a guy that knows who he is, in and out of the booth and I think it really comes through in his music.

Undeniable Tracks

If Skillz Sold Intro
Woke Up In LA
Tryna Get Rich
Pu$$y Ni**a

My hands down definitely repeated favorite joint on the project is Woke Up In LA. I think once you hear it, you’ll agree.

This project has solid rhymes, memorable features and overall GREAT production. It’s just a well put together project. Moss shows lyrical growth and I think the experimentation with different styles and cadences enhance the project. Prove to Moss that Skillz do indeed sell and cop that #IFSKILLZSOLD album.

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