My Thoughts on Cool C and How It Relates Today

It’s 2015 and a rapper that was going to be executed was granted another “stay”. The rappers name is Cool C and now January 8th 2015 is just another day behind bars for the late 80’s emcee. To many, especially in the new generation, his contribution to hip-hop may not be significant at all. I want to speak briefly about about life, art and content and what Cool C’s story means to me. Check out some of his tracks.

Yep, per XXL and my own two eyes that is definitely Jill Scott in the video.

So, clearly Cool C being remembered as one of the dopest emcee’s out of Philly is a complete wash and I understand that. However, what I want to talk about is his content. Video 1, he’s talking about wifing up a female and taking care of her forever and living the glamorous life. Video 2, standard “I’m a better rapper than you” with no out of character language and suggestive bars eluding to “Beef on Sight”. Video, 3 another rap about him being insane verbally and lyrically. All that from an artist who was set to be executed for his involvement in a botched bank robbery and the death of a female police officer.

No secret that Cool C has probably did more real dirt than your favorite rapper but, you would not be able to tell by the type of music he put out. Even on his “Sucka Rampage” he was all about his rhymes and being the best emcee. He wasn’t talking about putting guns to nobody, “shooting the block up”, how much dope he had to sell or how MC Shan was a Bish A$$ Ni**a who didn’t want to see him in the street. He didn’t even have a song out stating “If I don’t make it happen rapping, I’m robbing banks”. He was just penning honest raps about things he wanted  or how great he felt he was.

Although him and his mom claim C’s innocence, he will forever be remembered as the guy that didn’t talk it but really lived it. His counterparts, one being rapper Steady B is doing LIFE in prison. These guys were kids. Cool C is only 45 years old. Think about that. him and Jay-Z are basically the same age. He’s probably the same age as your coolest uncle and depending on your age…your dad! Spending the bulk of his adult life behind bars and praying his way out of executions for doing something he NEVER rapped about.

Immediate thoughts that run into my head are things like “Could Bobby Shmurda’s story end like Cool C’s?” It’s not far fetched currently and the only difference is Bobby’s kind of telling on himself and his friends in his music and as of NOW we can only say he hasn’t tried to rob a bank.

I want Cool C’s limited career and life to be a message to any aspiring rapper aged 15-25 [or older although you should know better by then]. A lot of our favorites are nowhere near prepared to live that Cool C life and being honest a lot of them probably didn’t get their first gun or first tough friend until their first hit single. Be wise with the type of images you put out and the type of lyrics that you feed the people. Cool C’s story tells you crime doesn’t pay whether you choose to speak on it in your music or not. Bobby Shmurda’s current story tells you that in this new age of technology and “Big Brother” that if your friend Mitch really did catch a body about a week ago…Your best bet is to not make that the hottest line of your single.

Yes from the guy who’s hands typed “It’s 2015 and I want rappers to stick to what they know”, I’m also telling you it’s quite foolish to put your illegal activity in your music or talk like you life illegally and you don’t. Being “real” could be talking about you being great. “Real” can be rapping about what you aspire to be. If you only know what you HEARD about drugs, guns and gangs….that’s a good hint and a half that you really know nothing about that life. That life isn’t cool and it’s not for everybody. It’s also not a lifestyle meant to maintain and survive a long time in. Be Creative, Be Wise and Be You. Because that’s truly being hip-hop.

Overall, what are your thoughts? Is this era potentially grooming the new “Cool C and Steady B”? Do you feel awareness about Cool C will change some artists content? Let me know something.

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