Have Ya Heard? Action Bronson, Thomas CRWN, Ricky Freezer, Versatile and Cartier Martinez!

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It’s a new year and a lot of new music is coming in. I’m checking a lot of joints out and so far, I’m not mad where music is going this year.

First, I got to co-sign my favorite new rapper Action Bronson. This “Actin Crazy” joint IS CRAZY!

Next, Naptown’s Thomas CRWN got something that’s going to make you want to ride even if it’s winter with “808”. Been checking for CRWN since he hit me with his Supreme Album in 2013. Glad I got some new music from him.

Keeping it in Nap, I got to show love for Ricky Freezer. This guy is STILL working like he did nothing in 2014. Check out his new joint “Sturdy Thang”.

Then we got a socially conscious message from music vet Versatile with “What’s Going On”. I’ve known Vers a long time. He covers a wide range of topics in his music. Not surprised by his new joint at all. This is what he do.

Closing it out, My lil cuz Tim put me on to his homey Cartier Martinez out of Freeport, IL, which is my hometown and this guy is grinding hard to make a name and get his life right. I respect that. Check out his joint “My Type”. I mess with it and not cause he from the town. Respect.

So this is my new contribution. I’m giving y’all insight on the music I actual listen to and feel you should check out. It’s something for everybody. Support Something!

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