A Cool Conversation With CamQuotes and Jon Locke! #CCWCQ

jon locke 3
It’s always good to switch gears and talk to some young stars that’s really doing something smooth for the ladies. R&B artist Jon Locke is all about that. Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Jon is really trying to increase his hustle and his fan base, so I had to hit his line for a cool conversation. Always like to see the young and positive getting it from the home state whether it be Freeport where I’m from or Chicago where I was at for a good amount of time.

Did Jon Locke really stop a wedding for love? What’s his go to song to sing the panties off of his dream girl? I got those answers and more on the latest Cool Conversation with CamQuotes!

Check out Jon’s video “Can’t Let Go” directed by P. Noble!

Stay in tune with Jon Locke’s moves

Reverb nation- www.reverbnation.com/jonlockemusic


Instagram- @jonlocke_

Website- www.jonlockeonline.com

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