#QuotesCoSign: Nipsey Hussle “Mailbox Money”

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Ok, let me throw it out there now. Overtime, I have become a HUGE Nipsey Hussle fan. I wasn’t sold when he made the Freshmen List. On first list of Hussle In The House, I was like…”ok…that was decent”. Then one random day, the song started playing in my head. Then I listen to the Gangsterisation Mixtape and BOOM! Started checking for everything Nipsey Hussle after that moment.

Mailbox Money picks up where Crenshaw left off and honestly I can’t tell which one is the “Better Project” right now. It’s winter where I’m at but please believe I plan to make this part of my spring and summer rotation no matter what else comes out this year.

Undeniable Tracks
A Hunnit A Show feat Rick Ross
Status Symbol feat Buddy
That’s How I Knew
Count Up That Loot
Only A Case feat G.I Joe and Conrad
Where Yo Money At? feat Pacman
Between Us feat K Camp
Real Ni##a Moves feat Dom Kennedy
Stay Loyal feat J Stone
No Ni##a Like Me feat Trae The Truth

I know I just named pretty much the whole project and I feel that’s extremely accurate. To me, if you can only listen to the above songs 1 time and be like “Eh! It was cool” or flat out not like them, you’re not a fan of Nipsey’s music.

50 Ni##az is track a track I think people need to here. I thought of my “Stick to what you know” post on this song and I’m honestly not mad at the angle that Nipsey took when speaking on Zimmerman and the trust in the system. Song won’t change the world or the game but, just really listen to what he’s saying in his verse.

I thought BJ The Chicago Kid was on “Be Here For A While” but it’s still a smooth joint. Shout to Vernando on the hook.

I find Nipsey’s music and his movement to be inspiring and motivational. He’s literally a big piece of the soundtrack to this current chapter in my life and I definitely need to go out of my way to support his movement in any possible way. Since the 100 Dollar Crews and Hoodies on slausonaveclothing.bigcartel.com are not exactly in my budget, I’ll just stick to Championing Nip through my words on my site and downloading/purchasing his music. The game needs Nipsey Hussle….Period.

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