Have Ya Heard? Drake, Ludacris, Too Short, Common and Mafioso!

So, I really don’t have any “New Joints” for you this week. I actually been in nostalgia mode and listening to joints that are finally starting to bubble and hit radio.

Combat Jack got me listening to Rass Kass this week and some of these other joints have been out for a minute but sometimes, it’s good to just sit with a song and understand why you like it instead of just moving on to the next so fast. So outside of Rassassination this is what I been rocking to all week

Drake – “How Bout Now” This is the hottest song getting regular radio rotation to me. The Jodeci sample alone makes the replay value exponential! Drake’s dope man. He keep something for everybody but, I don’t understand why one would not like this joint. Bang this if you haven’t been. Literally my favorite song right now!

Ludacris feat Miguel “Good Lovin” My homechick Cox put me on this joint about 3 months or so ago. As a Luda fan I dug it instantly. I’m never mad at anything Miguel does. This is just a good song. I’m getting emails from Def Jam saying this song is climbing the charts…looks like the world is finally catching up.

Too Short “19,999” This song is super hilarious because I believe it’s very true…Short Dawg been busting bishes since I was like 6 years old. I have no reason to believe he was literally not 1 shy of the “Wilt Chamberlain record” of 20,000 when he recorded this. If he really isn’t….Oh well…Song is still dope to me. Who really is counting after 10 anyway? Dash Radio played it this morning and I was rocking to it like it was brand new.

Common feat Lil Herb and Cocaine 80’s – “The Neighborhood” This is possibly the best intro song to any album of 2014. No joke, a couple days last year, I rode around only listening to this song. You might have to spent some time in Chicago to really feel it but, you can’t deny it’s dope no matter where you happen to be from. I officially mess with Lil Herb because of his verse on this joint.

Mafioso feat La Chat and Koopsta Nicca “Lix” I may be introducing you to some music right now. Check out this new joint from Memphis born and raised emcee Mafioso featuring a pioneer to the south style and movement Koopsta Nicca and La Chat most popularly know from her Three 6 Mafia days. Now, they are apart of Da Mafia 6ix but, nothing has changed but the name. Mafi is surrounded by seasoned vets but still doing what he does best. Definitely check it out.

Always good to sit with music and really vibe to it. Let me know what y’all messing with right now.

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