Have Ya Heard? Big Sean, Tech N9ne, Rittz, Slim Thug and Pennjamin Bannekar!

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It’s a lot of dope new tracks that came out this week. Here are the ones that I’m rocking with as far as rap music goes.

Big Sean feat Drake and Kanye West “Blessings” – I been telling y’all for a while now, the leader of the new school is Drake and 1A is Big Sean….They once again prove my point. You shouldn’t need to be sold on a Big Sean or Drake song in 2015. Kanye comes through and enhances a track as normal.

Tech N9ne “Awe Yeah?” [interVENTtion] -Tech N9ne is back with a new joint. His flow is always nothing short of amazing every time! This joint is super hard right here.

Rittz “LAF” – Now this joint isn’t “new” but if you don’t have Rittz album, this may just make you want to buy it. Since he put this joint up on soundcloud, I’ll share it with all of you. The album Next To Nothing been out.

Slim Thug “The Top” – New Thugger! Slim Thug that is. You can’t help but listen to Thug’s music. This joint is a good one kick off the year to. Officially expecting a full album from Slim Thug in 2015.

Pennjamin Bannekar “Word” – Shout to the homey Penn. Hey stay working and I’m definitely anticipating Paper Plane Pilots. Another Chicago emcee that is definitely worth checking out. View his latest video below.


Other than that, I’m playing the Ne-Yo Non Fiction album all day! More content is on the way y’all! Be Safe. Be Humble. Live Hip-Hop. 

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