Dr. Dre’s New Artist Is A White Rapper and Only Goofy Rap Fans Are Mad

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It’s amazing what Dr. Dre news can do. I often sit back and just watch social media react to what they see and lower my head in disgust. We are in a hip-hop generation gap right now and I’ll go into detail about that at a later time. What I do want to talk about right now, is Dre’s new protege [as he was deemed by a national outlet] Justin Mohrle.

Justin is a 23 year old kid from Texas. Although most of his music has been taken down from the internet, we can only confirm he did a mixtape called “Love J.T.” and he did tracks over Kanye’s Runaway, Que’s O.G Bobby Johnson, etc. So far, he’s done nothing special but exist and want to rap.

Now, first thing I think needs to be brought up is how Dre got Justin. I read he got him from D.O.C. Didn’t see that coming. This kid wasn’t the “luck or miracle” find that Eminem was…he was actually a referral from a former Deathrow artist…and D.O.C had him in a 360 deal from what I read and understood.

My Personal Assessment: After listening to only 3 tracks, 2 of them I could barely get through, I don’t see a reason to even react to a couple studio photos and press releases. Mohrle is 23 years old and it’s no question that the first two albums that made him fall in love with hip-hop were “So Far Gone” and “808’s and Heartbreak”. He literally sounds like Drake and Kanye west from the periods of 2008 – 2010. It makes sense because this was the music that was popping when he was 15 and Drake and Kanye West just happen to be the two biggest stars of the New Millennium as far as hip-hop goes.

Did I think he was nice? NOPE.
Was I remotely impressed? No.
Will I try to look beyond the three songs I heard? I’ll try.

Dre had most of his music removed from the internet [which I’m sure will be explained scandalously at a later date] and has Justin working with Pharrell, Gwen Stefani and BJ The Chicago Kid. What that tells me is Dre is about to give this kid a new style and presence to run with in an attempt to make him very successful. It appears that Dr. Dre does this thing with artist called Artist Development in which he cultivates and matures talent until he releases them out to the public. That’s honestly how it’s supposed to go. On the surface, no one should be mad at that but, a few goofy’s are.

This news breaks and honestly a lot of black folks specifically, were sounding kind of prejudice and a little racist when they got wind of Dre’s new artist. Of course I seen “hip-hop is dead”; I seen “Oh God another Eminem” even the phrase “culture vulture” was used in describing this situation. These are becoming the common buzz words for reaction when we begin to talk about white rappers in the world of hip-hop. It’s getting real old real fast.

I’m not going to say this kid is a culture vulture….I’ll say he’s lucky. He’s lucky because he’s in Texas doing carbon copy music and yet and still 2 west coast legends felt the need to snatch him up because of what they saw in him. Now, maybe this story gets more elaborate later; Maybe this kids budget is REAL and he can pay for attention; But right now, we have to assume the former is fact versus the latter. Yeah, I know…He could have found someone black. [Im bout to get y’all in a minute about that] True. He also could have found someone Asian or Hispanic or even another female. It’s 2015 man. Those type of “shoulda, coulda, woulda’s” need to die. Everybody black that raps isn’t nice, creative or have star power and charisma. Everybody can’t be a rap star no matter how much money is spent on them. Dr. Dre might learn that lesson with this project.

You want to be mad a Dr. Dre??? Let me give you a list of reasons to be mad at him.

Be mad at the whole Dr Dre and Rakim period that got most of you hype for literally nothing.

Be Mad because we’ve literally been hearing about Detox at least a decade and about 3 different generations of emcees have done songs for this album that never came out and never will come out.

Be mad because Knocturnal sounded just like Eminem and his album came out before Hitman’s.

Be mad Hitman NEVER dropped an album and he was half of the bright spots on “Chronic 2001”

Be mad Bishop Lamont didn’t get the freedom to drop a project when literally NOTHING was going on for Aftermath.

Some of y’all short term memory sucks! Have you forgotten about Kendrick Lamar already? That was y’all guy and not solely because that was Dre’s guy. Dre gets an Executive Producers Credit for Good Kid M.A.A.D City. So technically, that last thing Dre did for the hip-hop culture musically, y’all consider classic the same day it was released. So, what’s the deal? You mad at Dr. Dre or are you mad you’re not Justin Mohrle?

Now for why I’m mad at y’all! [Told y’all I was going to get you] Why is the big news from the land of Aftermath about a kid WORKING in the studio with Dr. Dre, when the REAL STORY should be about a DOPE EMCEE from Flint Michigan named Jon Connor! Jon Connor made the Freshmen List for 2014! Jon Connor might be the best lyricist of the 2014 Freshmen List. Jon Connor dropped one of the best mixtapes of 2014 with “The Late Registration Of A College Dropout Who Had A Dark Twisted Fantasy Of 808s And Heartbreak” [which has the best version of Jesus Walks PERIOD and proves my point about that song and College Dropout]. Connor was helped by Mateen Cleaves and signed by Dr. Dre in 2013 officially. I don’t see nobody trying to champion and push for him and he’s DOPE! Y’all need to focus your energy on something better than this Justin Mohrle news. Hip-Hop is just fine. Y’all just not listening.

In close, we have no idea what Justin Mohrle’s grind was and what his story is and just because he’s signed to Dr. Dre it doesn’t mean that he is definitely going to be put in position to “takeover the game” or even drop an album. If you don’t understand that by just Dr. Dre’s track record alone…You are a Goofy, Mad, Rap Fan.


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