Is The Battle Rap Scene Being Ruined?

Seen a video earlier this week with Big T and it really got me thinking about some things. Within the last 2-3 years battle rap has becoming extremely popular to a more mainstream audience. As it gets popular, it APPEARS that everybody that is nice, active and contributing is benefitting from it. A lot of battle rappers are becoming household names and overall, it seems to be all good.

I felt that was fact until I seen this video from Big T. His video has me asking questions like

Are the league heads doing right by all the battlers?
Should rappers that don’t meet ” mainstream relevant” criteria go back to battle rap?
Are the new school battlers and the battle vets truly benefitting from this new hype around battle rap?

Check out what Big T has to say bout this.

Big T’s gripe sounds real but, I want to know, is this how the rest of the cats that’s been battling feel?

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