Is Nicki Minaj Chasing Power Couple Fame?

Meme Credit @JRBang
Meme Credit @JRBang

First and foremost…NO! is not changing into these other “urban pop culture gossip sites” . I’m just trying to bring y’all the same content in a different way to spark new conversation…That’s why this dropped on a Saturday and not on that Easy Sunday Morning like your used to. So hear me out on why this is “BTR Worthy”.

The Pinkprint album, depending on who you ask is PHENOMENAL! It’s candid, personal and it’s some very dope raps on there too. I’m not sure how Nicki’s core feels but, it appears that more male listeners dug this album more than any of her other projects. A lot of this album is about her feelings and break up with Safaree, which we now know was her definite boyfriend for over a decade! The “industry” knew but mainstream wise, that was a lock and key mystery. So, to now have her taking as many photo ops as possible with Meek Mill whether they are chilling or he kissing on her, is just kind of crazy. It kind of makes me feel like it’s all for a bigger purpose. A bigger financial and publicity purpose.

Remember those years when we really couldn’t tell if Nicki Minaj even liked men sexually? I remember her telling DJ Drama in an interview “Boys Are Yucky”. Doesn’t seem like the right vernacular for a grown heterosexual woman but, it’s her life and she can live it how she wants. Add that with Drake time stamping all of his sexual advances in song and video but still nothing happening, I believed Nicki was a Lesbian. No problem with that, it was just my assessment based on what I saw. She had strong bars and a male hypeman [Which we now know for sure was her boyfriend] but, on the surface it all made sense to me, so I made nothing of it.

For some reason, I just feel Nicki is chasing Power Couple fame….*waits for stones and e-swears*…..Hear me out though. The package that is Will and Jada, Jay and Bey and even T.I and Tiny gets a new level of love, prestige and we can’t be blind to not see the Paper! The new thing that people love to highlight, is high profile relationships and families. Nicki is also speaking on being married and having kids by 35. That could have happened for her already. However, it’s obvious now that comment was made in between relationships. Since Bradgelina and  “Diddy and JLo” the high profile superstar couples have been a win and in the last 5 years with reality TV benefitting from images like Runs House and Family Hustle, it only seems right that the current Top Billing Female Rapper pairs up with a guy that can meet and succeed her success. I seen that some site even gave Meek and Nicki the couple name “OMEEKA”. Now will the hip-hop community run with that? That remains to be seen. However, the bigger picture of this really gets interesting if you look far enough.

I know what your thinking. If she going for “Power Couple Status” why not do it with Drake or Wayne? Because Drake apparently likes having sex with a lot of strippers and Wayne is here to get tattoos and get girls pregnant. She doesn’t look too bright dating either one of them exclusively. Next question.

Gender role reversal just got real in hip-hop for 2015, because Nicki is trying to make Safaree look like a bitter ex that needed her to survive. I’m not touching that, but it’s messed up. Especially if my theory is correct.

It’s all good for Meek though. Meek been talking about wanting Nicki since he had braids! [That meme y’all made of all three of them together is hilarious and wild by the way.] I know Meek isn’t exactly a music mogual or rap giant but, Meek made more news headlines releasing from jail then he did releasing his debut album and his album was dope. Too bad people only listen to the intro on repeat. Meek’s aura and persona is literally larger than life. He’s a true 1 of 1 and even though the sales aren’t quite there yet, Meek has “IT” and if he can stay out of trouble and leave Philly, he could become the newest monster in the game! His power potential is really off the charts to me. Women love power. They love they man too but, the power can be very influential.

Two young rising black stars, with super star potential, on two different respected hip-hop labels coming together for “Hood Love”….makes sense to me. I’m not going to say she feels NOTHING for Meek but, it’s just kind of wild that the confirmation of her past relationship is her latest “heartbreak album” and that album features the new guy you are in a relationship with. Why couldn’t Safaree get his mainstream relationship shot and he stuck it out through the entire rough patch? We literally know Meek JUST STARTED GETTING THAT….and he already getting Paparazzi PDA love? Wow.

So, Real Love, Power Couple chasing or both? What do you think? In the industry, anything is possible.

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