Have Ya Heard? Thomas CRWN, Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, J Dilla and Joey FATTS

Sorry I didn’t get this up Sunday. Sometimes you got to make time, for the right time and time gets away. Still a lot of dope hip-hop records and verses being put out so let me take some time to highlight what I’m rocking to right now.

Thomas CRWN “No Games” – I keep talking up Thomas CRWN out of Indianapolis, so I hope y’all listening and checking for homey. This No Games joint bangs and if you mess with 808, I can’t see you not messing with this one.

Big Sean “Used To Verse” – Drake’s joint Used To with Wayne sparked a new verse from Big Sean…I mess with it. Check it out!

Kendrick Lamar – “Black The Berry” It’s to the point now where I’m going to say Kendrick isn’t putting out songs…He’s putting out lessons. I like this joint. People not Stanning out so hard over the last couple Kendrick records and for that, I thank them. Now I can enjoy it in peace.

J Dilla – “Jay Dee 19”. Always great to hear a Dilla track no matter the time or place. Dilla’s birthday has passed and here is another reminder of the smooth grooves that Dilla could have put out at any moment. R.I.P Dilla

Joey FATTS and Curren$y “Same Ish” – I like Curren$y. I just like hearing him rap and what beats he likes to get on. He make riding music. This joint has “grow on you” potential. Not mad at Joey Fatts on this joint and he produced the track.

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