Have Ya Heard? Action Bronson, Drake, Troy Ave, Manolo Rose and Mark Battles & Dizzy Wright Cypher!

I been getting more “please listen” messages and some music submissions on social media and in my inbox. It must mean that the people have respect for my music taste. I thank and appreciate y’all for that. I’m definitely listening to your joints and if I do like it, I am posting it. That simple. I don’t have many “New Joints” this week but, this is definitely what I’ve been playing this week.

Action Bronson “Terry” – Bronson never really gives you anything similar to what you’ve heard before. I think he embodies the phrases “I’m different” “I’m doing me” “I’m just giving you myself” and he doesn’t have to say it in an interview or a verse to prove it.  Love the Slick Rick opening on this one. Still my favorite rapper right now.

Drake “Legend” – One song took my attention for 2 full days. That song was Drake’s Legend. It’s the first track on his “mixtape for sale” and it’s definitely one of the bright spots on it. The use of Ginuwine’s “So Anxious” is phenomenal. Drake and 40 have 1 UP’ed the game again with what they are doing in an overall music perspective. This joint is dope, period.

Troy Ave, Manolo Rose and Young Lito “All About The Money” – I promise I’m not this late on this song. I just wanted to get the facts about it. I like Troy Ave but, I heard he acquired this song on some snake ish and I didn’t want to be apart of supporting something like that. Seen Manolo Rose on the Breakfast Club and he said it’s all good and he’s got more, so I’m posting. I don’t think the remix is that dope either and I prefer this joint over the one with Ross and Jeezy. This joint still goes.

Manolo Rose & Telli “Run Ricky Run” – Honestly, this song is just funny to me. It sound different and it’s not something you “grade” on lyrical content. I like the use of the hood classic films. Just listen to have something different in your ears.

Mark Battles & Dizzy Wright “Cypher” with Derek Luh, Euroz, Cory Gunz, Emilio Rojas and Chris Webby. I’m just a fan of hearing bars and listening to cats get busy! I been hearing of Mark Battles for a while now. Partially because he’s from Indianapolis. I’ll stop there because, there is a bigger topic of conversation that always comes up with him and his movement. What needs to be talked about right now, is how everybody goes in on this track and it’s definitely worth a listen.

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