7 Things I’m Tired of Hearing from Rappers


Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish who’s a good rapper and who isn’t. A lot of emcees are innovative, exciting and bring something X-Factor to the game and we love them for that. Then you have the overwhelming 80% of rappers who are pretty much mimicking what’s hot, only rapping for money, or feel they are just as good or better as some current prospering artist that they hate. It’s messing up the game and the age of technology has helped it get severely out of hand.

I have way more than 7, but here are some of the things I am tired of hearing the most.

Rappers who “Listen to Pac, Pun, Big and Jay”: News Flash homey…WE ALL DID! These are some of the best to ever do it. You’re not impressive by running down a list of a bunch of rappers who sold millions of records in your rhymes.

What you know about? *Some drug transaction needed to eat here*: I get it. I never sold an 8 ball in my life and “you had to.” You hustled dope to feed your family and take care of your moms bills….or so you say. The catch 22 of this is, you haven’t hustled enough to leave the dope game and started rapping. So you’re kind of telling failed drug stories.

I’m in the streets for real: The new number phrase for people that says “you better not try me”. It’s the new subtle call out that says “y’all ain’t tough, IM TOUGH”!!! The problem with this is, that phrase doesn’t mean you absolutely can whoop anybody or you’re definitely down to kill anybody. Like I’ve been known to say, their is somebody residing in Dubuque, Iowa that can whoop somebody in your hood right now. Your zip code or harsh living conditions don’t make you official. It’s weak dudes everywhere.

I really started started from the bottom: We get it. You were broke before you achieved you level of riches. We understand you had less money than Drake. The reason why I don’t care and don’t want to hear it, is because we all started from somewhere. It’s immigrants and homeless people that are lower than the bottom you really started from and their not thinking about rapping to come up. Always remember that.

Overly used Pac and Biggie quotes: All Eyes on Me, Me Against The World, Me and My Girlfriend, Mo Money, Mo Problems, Ni**as Bleed, etc, etc, etc….Do some of you realize how much you are damaging the legacy and messing up the game by overusing great rap quotes? Look at it like this. 10 years from now, the new teenager just getting into hip-hop may actually think YOU came up with all the lines you stole from a better emcee. That is just a travesty in itself. Songs should start coming with a cited sources document, like college papers.

The over-saturated go to flow: I don’t think I could name you 5 successful rappers that definitely sounded alike in the 90’s or early 2000’s. Today however, I can search a plethora of “Rappers” who sound like Drake, Big Sean, Meek Mill and The Migos. Grant it they are not what I would deem “successful”, but it is still happening. People steal flows, ad-libs, even vocal inflection. Why? Y’ll out here like McDowell’s. Nobody wants to head to “The Golden Arks” for your product. Do something different or do something else!

Hip-Hop is Dead: Man….just STFU. Just say “I’m not into rap like I was when I was younger.” Hip-Hop is “alive” and well, whether you mess with it heavy or not.

That’s all I’ll speak on today. What are some things you’re tired of hearing rappers and fans say or do right now?

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