#QuotesCoSign: Maxie “317”

As always, I like to be up on music and artist that many may not know about yet. I want to present to some and introduce to others a young cat out of Indianapolis named Maxie [Formerly Young Tone The Money Man]. Maxie dropped his latest project “317” on March 17th aka 317 Day, which was a great use of time and city area code to cross promote. Maxie got joints and I consider this one of the higher quality projects to come out of the Nap in a minute.

Tracks I really mess with
From That 317
Dead Presidents feat Lil Billy
Act Different feat Playbwoi The Great
Keep It Moving feat Geechie
Tunnel Vision Prod By Young Kros [Favorite Track on The Project]
I Guess feat Tex Message
Make A Difference
I Like It

This project is something to flat out ride to. Hearing this project made me an official fan of Swift The Gift beats. It was also great to hear collaborations with Rob Skee, Devon Golder and Poindexter and to be introduced to cats like Tex Message, Geechie, Lil Billy, Playbwoi The Great, Woogie, GoldE.P and Lil E. It’s a lot of solid first impressions on this joint. I’m actually looking forward to hearing what’s next from these cats.

It’s refreshing to come across cats like Maxie, who make no excuses, put in work and put out high quality projects. He’s more concerned about his progress and his music movement more than what the local radio station can do for him. 317 is going to be difficult to top. That’s not a bad thing. Projects like this are what get people looking in the direction of a city who is starving for the first big Hip-Hop Star. Not too many people can put together a product that can appease a lot of ears for different reasons. I feel this project does that. I feel the entire city should get behind it because it could be the best opportunity for the Indianapolis hip-hop scene to get pushed forward in 2015.

Respect to Maxie, Swift The Gift, DJ Reddy Rock and DJ Champ for putting something together that the city really needed. Again, I feel anybody who talks about local music in Indianapolis should get behind this project whether you were on it or not. Because it’s honestly a good look.

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