Dope Rap Visuals: Ludacris, Action Bronson & Meek Mill

We don’t see a lot of videos anymore. Unfortunately, a lot of hip-hop artist don’t put in a lot of time to do them. Some take the time but they don’t really produce great visuals. I know, everybody want to keep it G, rep the hood and put they homeys on camera…but man…Being on the block with a nice camera isn’t really noteworthy to me. Just my feelings. With that said lets check out some new videos I like.

Ludacris “Beast Mode” Video: Always will be a Luda fan. I like that he takes his artistry seriously and he always tries to provide something X-Factor.

Action Bronson feat Chance The Rapper “Baby Blue” Video: Hands down, flat out, nobody makes better videos in hip-hop than Action Bronson right now. Here’s another dope one. This Chance verse is still one of my favorite of the year.

Meek Mill Cream Freestyle Video: Given everything I said about videos, I still like this one. I like it because I can’t explain why Meek is rapping in front of a bunch of file cabinets or why the other scene is a train track and obviously a place great for dumping a dead body, but it all works! HA! Waiting for the new Meek album.

Fabolous “Lituation” Video: Man! You got to watch this for Paul Cain. That guys is hilarious!

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