#QuotesCoSign: Fabolous “The Young OG Project”


Christmas Day 2014, hip-hop got a nice stocking stuffer in the Young OG project. I didn’t cop till January, but what I am about to say stands true any day of the week. Fabolous is best rapper in New York state. I don’t think I have to explain why, so I won’t. The Young OG Project is dope! It’s definitely something you can just ride to and it’s got a couple club anthems if you got DJ’s that are trying to do more than ride the specific sounding turn up wave.

Project Highlights For Me
We Good featuring Rich Homie Quan
Bish Bounce
Rap and Sex
Gone For The Winter feat Velous
Cinnamon Apple feat Kevin Hart

The raps on this project are Grade A every track, the joints I’ve highlighted are just the ones I play the most. “All Good”, “She Wilding” with Chris Brown and “You Made Me” with Tish Hyman all go! Plus, “Ball Drop” with French Montana has one of the new “100 100 100 Emoji memes” with “When The Hate Don’t Work, They Start Telling Lies”, so rest assure, the masses may tell you a different group of favorite tracks than what I have.

“Cinnamon Apple” may raise some eyebrows. A lot of people may compare this to Cole’s “Wet Dreams”. I see it, but I don’t. I’ve never been a fan of any artist rapping or singing about losing their virginity, especially if they are in their late 20′ or 30’s. Wasn’t dope when Immature did it, not really feeling the J. Cole as far as replay value and I see why people on a broader scale throw Fab’s joint in there. The difference is, Fab’s is a story about him getting played by his girlfriend, who ends up losing her V-Card to some other dude while he’s absent from school. It’s also a play on the dude who went viral in the “Cinnamon Apple” video. End of day, Fab just made a better song, so I mess with it.

“Gone For The Winter” is hands down my favorite track. I listen to this joint hours at a time some days. The use of the Nas Represent sample and the switch up…MY GOD! It’s just the hardest joint on the project, period.

I keep singing the hip-hop praises of Fab and that will never change. I am now even contemplating why I personally haven’t put him in my Top 5 since Loso’s Way. The Young OG Project is the same hit making, lyrically impressive Fabolous we’ve been getting for about 15 years now. You can’t not mess with it.

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