A Few Reasons Why I Just Don’t Feel Sorry for Lil Wayne

photo credit: news.hiphopearly.com
photo credit: news.hiphopearly.com

Lil Wayne has been very upset these days. He’s been on a club tour rampage denouncing Rich Gang and Young Thug and honestly, I get it. Just under the act of hip-hop, it’s not right for Young Thug to even think about wanting to put out a Carter 6 project, especially since Wayne doesn’t even have a release date for The Carter 5. However, hip-hop and business both have a fine line between them. The hip-hop fans that know of Wayne since the first Carter release are outraged. The hip-hop fans that were in Jr. High/High School when Cash Money first broke on the scene see Karma at work on a national scale.

You know why we elder hip-hop fans can’t feel sorry for Wayne?

Because on July 23, 2002, Lil Wayne dropped “500 Degreez” and it was one of the most disrespectful things that could have been done to Juvenile and the album that made Cash Money a household name, “400 Degreez”. Then on top of that, it was nowhere near the caliber of the album! To prove the point, some of the die hard Wayne fans of today don’t even know that album exist. They started listening at “The Drought” or “The Dedication”

It doesn’t stop there though. Wayne has made quite a few scumbag moves over the years and for whatever reason, they get swept under the rug.

I never believe Gillie Da Kid was lying when he said he contributed to the success of Wayne 2.0 and he didn’t get credit or get paid. The entire original Cash Money family had the same gripe for the same reasons.

Bangladesh said he hadn’t got paid for “A Milli” and like most that deal with Baby or Wayne, he had to sue to get his money that he was owed for working.

I still don’t understand how Birdman and Wayne both ended up having real relationships with Trina.

YMCMB has got to be the deepest roster that hardly ever puts out music minus Nicki, Drake and Tyga. They just started putting out mixtapes separately. Tyga had to leave cause he’s on Young Money/Cash Money or “he was trapped in a label maze” and also admitted he NEVER got a royalty check from either company.

Wayne went out of his way to tell a club full of people “I f**ked Chris Bosh wife” and had to learn “His girl f**ked Drake” while he was in jail. That’s something that is supposed to be put in a forthcoming book.

Birdman has essentially replaced Wayne with a younger, “eclectic”  version of the YMCMB CEO. Now will the rap skills hold up? I have no clue. I am not a fan of either artist and the top 2 reasons is because of how they sound when they rap.

Turnabout is fair play. It appears Wayne never seen this coming and his relationship with his daddy is strained. Now he’s the one needing his money, wanting to drop album and threatening to sue because of what’s being owed to him….Oh well. This is how many others felt. I just can’t feel sorry for a guy who’s done some of the things he’s done over the last 13 years and have sympathy. That’s just not how it goes. For the sake of everything left, I hope Wayne is treating Nicki and Drake correctly and with respect. Cause honestly, they have enough stroke in this game to make him very irrelevant by just not doing features with him…or worse yet…doing features with Young Thug.

The thing to decipher now is, How much of the bad business practices and flat out scumbag behavior is truly on Birdman or truly on Wayne? What even got them to this point? At first, I honestly thought this was a publicity stunt. However, since the issue has really turned into Thugger vs Weezy, it’s got me thinking that Wayne really got “McDowell’s” but, McDonald’s made the call.

On the flip: If you sign to Wayne or Birdman now, you’re a dumba$$. C’mon Son! You that thirsty to get on that you’ll take a deal from either of them? Even Kenny Smith won’t take the gamble right now.

End of day…Nobody feels sorry for the murderer when he gets robbed. Ask O.J.

2 thoughts on “A Few Reasons Why I Just Don’t Feel Sorry for Lil Wayne

  1. I think its hilarious. Wayne is the one who invented the whole “homo thug” persona and now he has to deal with the monster he created. It’s very entertaining.


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