The Return of “Fabolous Sport”, “Freestyle Friday” and Why It’s Needed

It’s been a while and my apologies. I been trying to make life happen. I got to take out some time to talk about the last month of rap and how one guy has been killing the game with Freestyles that are rewind worthy, AGAIN! That guy is Fabolous.

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Fab is going nuts like it’s 1998 again. Fab and Clue are restoring the feeling and lapping a lot of these young cats that’s trying to get a name out here. Freestyle Friday has officially returned and the “Golden Era OG” in me couldn’t be happier! I’m glad Fab did this. To this generation, Fab is predominantly just known for being a hit-maker for the ladies and it would APPEAR that he only started doing The Funeral mixtapes and Soul Tapes to “stay with the times”. The lesson that needs to be understood is, Fabolous made a name for himself by getting up with DJ Clue every Friday night in an attempt to Shut NYC Down with some of the best bars heard on airwaves and on Clue tapes for years just to get a record deal and put an album out. From 1998 to 2001, Fabolous was one of the more promising young emcee’s to hold New York down. Present day, Fabolous is the Young OG of New York, who needs far more recognition for what he started and far more respect for being one of the best lyricist we’ve ever heard.

The Freestyle Friday return is needed because, I don’t really think a lot of cats know how to hop on a beat with they own style nowadays. You hear a lot of dudes that will hop on a Drake, Big Sean, Cole, Kendrick or Kanye beat, but they will sound exactly like Drake, Big Sean, Cole, Kendrick or Kanye. Same cadence, flow and revamped bars. Is there a true intangible talent in that? Well, honestly that’s the debate. Fabolous sounds like Fabolous on a Wu Beat, A Mobb Deep Beat a Jay beat or a Dre beat and it sounds phenomenal!

Fab has what you call “IT”. His flow is timeless, partially because he created one that got over used when his album went platinum like the artist of today. That’s with no social media  and void the internet heavy industry by the way. Fabolous old freestyles are better than a lot of projects that are out today and these new freestyles make it worse because they honestly might be better than all those when this is done. Either way, hip-hop fans win and win BIG! This is what “Doing it for the culture” means. This is hip-hop living and breathing well so whether you’re 13 or 33 or older, you shouldn’t have a complaint.

No matter what you do in hip-hop, you have to make it your own. It’s a lot of dudes that’s too old and been doing this too long to be sounding like “the hot trend of the quarter”. Fab has kicked open the door and even inspired a new Envy and Jadakiss Freestyle. I hope he inspires some of the new cats and the “trying to make it cats” to do their own thing and realized riding waves is for suckas! It’s best you stand out and if not for nothing else, respect!

It was no way I could pick just one Freestyle and after you listen, you won’t be able to either! I can’t wait till next Friday!

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