#QuotesCoSign: Ludacris “Ludaversal” Album

Ludaversal album-cover

It’s extremely hard to deny that Ludacris isn’t one of the greatest rappers of his era and honestly ever. The flow, the albums, the innovation, the consistency, the growth, all reasons why Luda could fit firmly into anyone’s Top 5 or even Top 3 and you have to respect it. You have to, because he’s probably changed the game more than 2 of your top 3 or he has done just as much and in a shorter time. Ludaversal, is proof that Ludacris is never going to “lose it”. This album is dope and any fan of “pure rapping” should have it.

Tracks I Really Dig
No Juice
Call Your Bluff
Lyrical Healing
Beast Mode
Real Good Lovin
Charge It To The Rap Game

“Come and See Me” has a very dope feature from Big K.R.I.T. I think I just want to hear him make “car music”. I know that disrupts his movement and true purpose, but sorry. That’s what sound the hottest from him to me.

“Ocean Skies” and “Not Long” are definitely solid songs. Luda put his life on those tracks. That’s what makes them dope!

The Deluxe edition is how you get “Money”, “Problems”, “In My Life” and “Burning Bridges”. All very strong tracks that any Luda fan will enjoy.

Luda’s not going to let you down when he drops a project. In this time and era, the word “classic” is thrown around and causes plenty of debates. I’m not sure how many undeniable classic albums Luda has overall. To be clear, I’m not even insinuating that Ludaversal is a classic album. What I can say is that Ludaversal is a great addition to his very solid and noteworthy catalog. I wouldn’t say “Old Luda is back”. I would say “Ludacris has simply done it again.” Salute to Ludacris. One of the greatest contributors to Hip-Hop Music and the culture. Get that Ludaversal Album if you haven’t already.

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