Listening To Big Pun’s “Yeeeah Baby” Album 15 Years Later

Big Pun Yeeeah Baby

February 7, 2000, hip-hop lost one of it’s greatest lyricist in Big Pun. April 4, 2000 Pun’s highly anticipated album, “Yeeeah Baby” dropped. Pun never got to shoot vides, perform and really put effort behind this album to make it a platinum plus success. There are some great tracks on this album and although it’s not a “certified classic” you have to wonder “what if” by the time you get to the last track.

Favorite Album Tracks

It’s So Hard feat Donnell Jones
We Don’t Care feat Cuban Link
NY Giants feat M.O.P
My Dick feat Tony Sunshine

It’s a lot of dope features on this album. The dude Sunkiss went nuts on Wrong Ones. This is also the first time I ever heard Remy Martin and her joint Ms Martin on here is dope.

Although this album was considered to be “not as hard as Capital Punishment” there are some very street moments throughout this album. I loved the fact he used the “What you came for? Surgery With Chainsaw!” ala DMX for LeatherFace and he took time to respond to 50 Cent’s How To Rob and threatened to “Blow his fu**ing head off and make a song called “That’s Why I Had To Beat Your Mother Fu**ing A$$” featuring Tony Sunshine” on “My Turn”.

In all honesty, I think the Terror Squad vs G-Unit situation gets real messy BEFORE 2004-2005 if Pun lives to just 2002. It’s a really good thing no lives were lost and these crews didn’t clash.

Although it is highly unlikely. I want the entire Terror Squad back together. It’s far fetched but I think if nothing else their love for Pun should be worth the effort, especially so many years removed. They were on the verge of being one of the strongest teams in hip-hop with Pun being the anchor. Although it’s 15 years later, I still want to see Fat Joe, Cuban Link, Remy Ma, Armageddon, Triple Seis, Sunkiss and Tony Sunshine win. A great addition to the camp would be Pun’s Son, Chris Rivers. I think it’s only right and much needed for all of them.

R.I.P Big Pun! I have no doubt his third album would have been a classic and change the landscape of hip-hop for not only Latin emcees, but for the game as a whole. Yeeeah Baby!

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