@BehindTheRhyme is 3 Years Old!

BehindTheRhyme Official Logo

3 years ago this site was just an idea that might be crazy enough to work. Today, I look at BehindTheRhyme.com as a growing entity that has genuine support from the hip-hop community.

I want to thank every single person that has ever clicked on a link, read, liked, disliked, agreed or disagreed.

I want to thank all the people that share and support without me saying it. That’s how I measure genuine support.

I want to thank and acknowledge everyone who has given me the opportunity to interview them over the last year.

Mila J, Mike Jay, Ty Dolla Sign, T.I, B.o.B, Kevin Gates, Professor Griff, Common, Skyzoo, Jon Locke, Dorrough Music, K Mitch, Baby Bugsy, Robert from Day 26, Doughboyz Cashout, Poindexter, Fresh DuzIt, DJ Boogie Bang, Riko V, Rooso Fuego, A.G Tha Pharoh, Ricky Freezer,Tech N9ne, Pusha T Seth Rollins, The Lucha Dragons, Kem, Kwame, Vivian Green and I honestly think that is everybody and my apologies if you weren’t named. It is definitely not intentional.

Special thanks to Des, Griff and Azzy for making a great number of the above interviews possible.

What to expect for the rest of 2015?

More of “An Absolutely Dope Podcast” which I am apart of and will be posting on here every week.
Really plan on getting the “Golden Era OG” shirts out this year one way or another.
Hopefully a few more Cool Conversations with some of your favorite artist.
Always hoping to monetize.

No matter what, we are going to keep the faith and keep working.

Follow us on any social media network you can think of! Search “BehindTheRhyme”

Again all of you who genuinely support. Thank You!

Be Safe. Be Humble. Live Hip-Hop.

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