The One Reply In Hip-Hop I’ll Never Understand

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“Bring your girl in here and I’ll show you I ain’t Gay” or “Bring your girl in here and I’ll show you how Gay I am”

This is the number 1 answer by a vast majority of Hip-Hop and R&B artist when asked the question “Are You Gay?” or when they are responding to homosexual rumors about them. Before I get into how weird that response is, lets get into better alternatives for answers. When asked that question, you could respond with.

1. No, and this is the type of stuff that affects my children. Please stop telling lies.
2. No, I’m involved with or married to a woman and we are very happy together.
3. No, Just cause I’m not busting every bish in sight doesn’t mean I’m Gay.
4. No, and anyone who told you that, doesn’t know me at all.
5. No. Why would you ask me something like that?

So, right there, I’ve given 5 better responses than “Bring your girl in here and …”

HOWEVER: If the answer is indeed Yes; Do one of the following.
1. Exercise your right to make it none of our business
2. Take the classic elusive “Why does it matter?” approach
3. Say you are and be deemed a courageous hero by mainstream American Media.

Now let’s get into why the “Bring your girl” statement in itself is weird to me.

1. Having sex with “my girl in front of me”, really isn’t proving you’re not gay. It’s actually proving that you want me to watch you have sex with a woman I am more than likely fresh out of that same day. Let your imagination wander from there.

2. Why can’t another woman be named to prove your point? Do you not know any women? I don’t have the only heterosexual woman on the planet. In fact, there are billions of women you could prove your point with. AGAIN! Why is bringing “my girl” or a “specific persons girl” the only catalyst for your sexual arousal? I get it. You’re attempting to be disrespectful, but to a balanced thinking individual, that just sounds weird. You’d be better off asking someone who’s their girl, then attempting to “take her” from him. Whether you can or not, nobody is going to “bring their girl in here” so they can get stroked down by another dude…That only happens on XVIDEOS.

3. Why must the response to a question like that get so violent or disrespectful? Some rappers want to beat you up, rob you, “take your bish and fawk her right in front of you” just because they were asked this question. There’s just a more tactful way to defend yourself. Some people deem the anger from an artist being asked that question is because they are hiding their true feelings and lifestyle, but that is why the questions keep getting asked to them.

Who started this response, that has become a trend? I have no doubt in my mind that it was somebody that was prominent in the 90’s, I just don’t want to type the artist I’m assuming started it. Now, would I ever ask sexuality questions? Yes, to women who are comfortable with answering in a comfortable setting off camera. To ME SPECIFICALLY, it’s lazy journalism. You have an artist/human being in front you. A possible one and only opportunity to ask them some dope questions about their life and career. I wouldn’t waste a minute or even a few seconds with a question about their sexuality.

Now have I asked sexual questions before? Yes. See my Mila J, Twista, Common, B.o.B and Mike Jay Conversations, but that definitely is never my go to just because. Also, it’s definitely not used to slander, stir up or create scandal with an artist.

Hip-Hop content in general needs to get better. How bout we start with a clean slate today.

Interviewers: Stop asking the cliche “Are You Gay?” questions

Artist: Stop answering with the weak AND weird “Bring your girl in here…” responses.


Be Safe. Be Humble. Live Hip-Hop

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