If Hulk Hogan Goes, Vince McMahon Owes At Least 7 Apologies

The Urban Daily

Vince McMahon Source: Ethan Miller / Getty

In today’s soul crushing ’80s childhood hero admissions, Hulk Hogan was ousted from the WWEwhen footage of past racist remarks surfaced. And while it’s tough to come to terms with for avid wrestling fans― this is Hulk Hogan we’re talking about― some are not hanging up their belts just yet.

The Urban Daily’s wrestling correspondents, @JRBang and @ImCamQuotes will remain lifelong wrestling fans, no matter the result of the recent news. Today, the two weigh in on past wrestler indiscretions, and calls for Vince McMahon’s apologies on all, if he’s taking down the Hulkamaniac.

Check out the exchange below.

Cam: Speaking for just myself, Hulk Hogan is one of my childhood heroes. If everything speculated about what he said about specifically The Rock is true, then the WWE has to deal with it how they see fit. However, if Hogan goes, then Vince needs…

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