A Cool Conversation with CamQuotes and Obie Trice! #CCWCQ #TheHangover

A few albums have hit the racks this week. Dr Dre and Vivian Green to name a couple. Definitely check those, along with “The Hangover”, which is the new album from Detroit emcee Obie Trice.

I always enjoy talking to emcees who have been in the game over a decade and who have a real story to tell. Although the most important information right now is “The Hangover” album which is available right now for purchase, I got a chance to talk to one of the pioneers of the “Real Name, No Gimmicks” movement. Long before The Wale’s, Cole’s, Big Sean’s and Kendrick’s, it was Obie Trice, Lloyd Banks and Joe Budden. Guys that had no other selling point other than the fact that they had bars! All of them very successful and build cult following in their own right and still respected on the mic today. We got a chance to touch on that, Shady, Aftermath, G-Unit writing sessions and if this generation is too sensitive for Obie Trice, in this new Cool Conversation with CamQuotes!

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