So, Who Wants To Appropriate The Culture That Created Slim Jesus?

And just like that, another white rapper comes along and in 2 minutes and 57 seconds, makes what Iggy and Macklemore were doing seem/sound not so bad.

The sidebar question of the week is, Can you do “Drill Music” if you are not from Chicago?

Not trying to start anything with that question, I just sincerely want to know.

Slim Jesus is from Hamilton, Ohio and with his video “Drill Time” has become the most talked about rapper of the month of September. One could even say that he’s created more buzz for himself in the last 7 days than 95% of the original artist that actually created the Drill Scene has the last 3-5 years. That’s not his problem. Sometimes you really just have to hate the game.

Slim Jesus is an anomaly.He’s literally to anyone’s knowledge, the first white kid to do Drill Music and even though many outlets say he’s from Chicago, he isn’t. The big hint is, nobody you know from the original Drill Scene is in his video. Him being a white rapper is nothing special, but him being the type of white rapper he is definitely creates the double take.

What I’ve noticed is a lot of other rappers are upset. I understand that to a degree. The kid has absolutely no bars. There is nothing spectacular about this song. He doesn’t even have the “Trinidad James Moment” that the DJ can use to keep the crowd engaged. It’s tough to see the “lyrically unimpressive” prosper especially when the assumption is, he’s came out of nowhere or “hasn’t been doing this as long.” Slim Jesus has “a hook” a “standout quality” he’s “a shock to the system”. That’s the real piece in his success. It’s all in his look and location. Now for what I really came for.

I said on Episode 16 of An Absolutely Dope Podcast, titled “Jesus Is A Savage” that now the angry black delegation of hip-hop has to pick a poison. Cause for the last 2 years we had to hear about “the white washing of hip-hop” and how “Macklemore and Iggy were running everything about the culture”. We blamed them for stealing style, pushing the “gay agenda” and flat out not being real because of where they’re originally from. Now we have a white kid, that is from the Midwest [If you count Ohio from the midwest like most do] who has adopted a scene and genre that is deemed violent, destructive, praises drug culture and everything wrong with one of the greatest cities in the world, Chicago. It is deemed that because of the artist that came before Slim Jesus who some would say, could care less about hip-hop the culture.

From where I sit, Slim Jesus isn’t trying to make “Hip-Pop Records”. He also appears to give two fawks about being lyrically impressive and being one of the best to ever do it. However, if you come at one, you got to come at them all. So, who wants to claim and appropriate the culture that created Slim Jesus? Who wants to start the conversation about this aspect of hip-hop “being stolen from us”? Who’s going to extend that olive branch to Chief Keef, Young Chop, King L, KatieGotBands, SashaGoHard, Lil Reese, Smiley, Lil Bibby, Lil Herb and the rest of the guys and gals still on the come up and making it happen, yet virtually still under the radar nationally?

In less than “PC” lingo; Who’s wants to help the founders of the Chicago Drill Scene, so they white boy don’t win? By definition, some of you called this type of thing happening. So, who’s going to preserve the culture, so history is told correctly? Who wants to?

For me, hip-hop is specifically urban black and hispanic culture, but it is global. Everybody loves it whether they want to admit or not and you can’t stop people of any color, background or belief from living or contributing to it. Authenticity will always be in question but that doesn’t always affect popularity and sales. Ask the owners of Taco Bell, Panda Express and any other “Amercianized” culture of food.

I’m not in a rush to buy or download anything Slim Jesus, but it’s not because he’s white. It’s cause he’s trash. Just under 3 minutes and you couldn’t give me 4 hot bars? I’m super straight on that. End of day, you don’t like, don’t buy it. This could be that 2 week moment of rap outrage that you may not even remember happened by Halloween. Support what you Love, instead of Bashing what you Hate.

Now firmly over 3.2 million views.

Macklemore wants to be known as an Emcee. Iggy want to be a Superstar. Honestly, after watching that video, what is so wrong with that?

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