The Very Sad Keith Murray vs Fredro Starr Battle

So I will let you all watch this and judge for yourself. To make my thoughts real quick.

1. Whoever let Murray get that gone before this battle, honestly doesn’t care about him.
2. I see why no one from Def Squad was visible in this video anywhere.
3. Fredro got busy on that 2nd Beat, First Verse.
4. I really want to know who smashed Angela Yee. Fredro?
5. The battle produced one really good verse that would get eaten alive by any of the young cats today.
6. I can’t believe a Rasta wig was pulled out during a rap battle in 2015.
7. This getting canceled the first time last year was a sign this should have never happened.
8. Keith Murray is an angry and violent drunk.
9. Fredro said Murray beat up Pac. Someone needs to come clean on that whole situation.
10. I now no longer want to see any of my favorite rappers battle. This was like watching Aquaman drown in the Kiddie Pool.

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