The Hip-Hop Lost Tapes: New Truths To Possible Urban Legends

I been thinking a lot about the history of the game and the people in it. We hear so many stories and we’ve seen so many careers start and end that it’s actually pretty difficult to create concrete fact in this entertainment industry wing of hip-hop culture. We may have been lied to and we may have been taught to think a certain way because of the “machines”. Like Detective Alonzo Harris said “It’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove.” So lets talk on the knowing and proving.

What if Pac lied on his d**k and never hit Faith Evans?
And here comes the instant slander. Keep reading though. “Hit Em Up” is considered by a seeming majority to be the greatest diss track of all time, even though it only has one or two great verses on it. One of the main reasons is because the opening line is “That’s why I f**ked your b**ch you fat motherf**ker”. What if it really never happened? What if the main topic of the diss is just not true? Where does “Hit Em Up” rank then? Where does Pac rank on “being the realist”? Lying on your meat is one the lamest things you can do in my circle and way of life. You get clowned for that and you got to take it.

In 2015 Faith is still denying that this happened. In fact she now laughs about it in certain interviews. Pac’s gone, Big’s gone and a lot of rappers around that time are still alive to set that record straight if they wanted to. Suge Knight “admitted or joked” about Eazy E being injected with AIDS on a night time talk show. Suge and Dr. Dre shared Michel’le. He’s also admitted to a lot of horrific things he did or could have done in this industry, yet he has never breathed a word of confirmation on Pac and Faith. All we have is two pictures. One picture was a group picture that Treach from Naughty By Nature was in, who also never confirmed or denied anything.

It could all be satire. If you thought your friend had you shot in their home city, what would you do as retaliation?

What if the greatest comeback story ever told, was Eve’s?
Under the radar, Eve’s rags to riches story is the ultimate Urban American Dream. Eve went from stripper, to number 1 female emcee in the game to multi-millionaire with a billionaire husband. In this day and age, you see Eve’s story but the outcome definitely isn’t as great. Eve could have been the First Black Chyna, Amber Rose, Johnni Blaze or just a regular IG model with the email “” for booking.

It’s honestly hard to argue Eve isn’t the greatest female rapper to do it. She was able to do what Queen Latifah and Lil Kim did and without having to use Nicki Minaj’s gimmicks. Plus she’s on the very short list of female rappers who have battled and never been spoken about when the topic of “Does She Write?” comes up. Even MC Lyte has an asterisk. We don’t appreciate Eve enough.

What if the hardest dude in the game is Sean Combs?
What we know is Snoop Dogg brought real Cripping and Gang-banging to mainstream media. However we also know that Sean “Puff Daddy” “P.Diddy” or just “Diddy” Combs has put in a lot of work with no jail time. Beans, Syles P, Maino, Black Rob, C Murder and Shyne all did some real time for doing some “real things”. Diddy’s a different story. Countless assaults from label offices to college football practice fields, Club shootings, evading murder charges, slapping the hottest rapper in the game and even though she ultimately chose, he lifted Cassie from Ryan Leslie while working together and change her life with no hit singles.

Now, I don’t blame Mr. Combs for the deaths of Pac and Biggie. I blame VIBE Magazine for that. However, it’s undeniable that the last thing you want to do, is make Diddy feel some type of way.

What if Copy-Cat Artist where the new Promotional Team?
A lot of people love to complain about music today and say things like “hip-hop sucks now” and “I only listen to old stuff”. First let me say, if your not at least 30 saying that, STFU. Whether YOU want to admit or or not, this is your era and you got to ride it out. If the first classic CD in your collection is “Get Rich or Die Trying” or “The Carter” [which is debatable], you also need to STFU. You’ve missed too much to speak to the Golden Era OG’s about rap music and how good it is or isn’t.

Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, T-Pain, Future and Migos all have something very great in common. They became Pied Pipers of rap music and seemingly all at the same time. They didn’t do anything “special”, they just did something that appeared so easy that literally anybody felt they could do it, so they then tried. They flooded the market with their sound and that sound made money and became the new rap “get rich quick scheme”.

There’s always trash music or “I can deal without sounds”, the problem is, today you can actually see and hear people nationwide trying to mimic the music, which I feel makes the original more popular. Let’s not be so quick to forget that even Jay-Z could have been accused of sounding like Das EFX or Chip Fu of Fu Schnickens long before he made Dead Presidents or Reasonable Doubt, depending on who you heard first. So could Common just off the “Can I Borrow A Dollar” album.

Wave Riders are why T-Pain still gets booked for studio time at a very nice price and why Future is the hottest thing since T-Pain. Why? Because the original will always trump the carbon copy. Do you want Pepsi or RC Cola? Ok then. You take notes from the foundation not switch the label on the product.

I had fun doing this. More coming soon.

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